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Sue Munday
Sue Munday
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Nov. 11, 2010
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Nancy Kavin and Sue Munday
2 over 1
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Jim and Sue Munday
Standard with weak NT opening
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Mary Oshlag and Sue Munday
2 over 1-ish
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Help Wanted - Old ACBL Bulletin Article (September 2000)
John: Email me at I'll scan and send back to you as a PDF.
Help Wanted CEO ad for the ACBL
Enough, Gary. I have flagged your comment as being inappropriate, offensive, irresponsible, slimy and libelous. If you have a problem with board policy, take it up with your district director. But don't continue to trash a good man who has worked his ass off and who has always had ...
BOD Minutes and Exhibits: Washington DC
The agenda for each Board of Directors meeting is posted on the ACBL website prior to every NABC. From, go to About -- the tab located second from the right. On the left-side menu, expand Administration, and click on Minutes and Motions under Board of Directors (http://www.acbl ...
May I suggest not talking to Nicolas -- he hasn't worked for the ACBL for some time. Start with Mitch Hodus at headquarters. He's in charge of IT.
Memories of Juanita Chambers
If you want to put a byline on that article, Nat, Brent Manley wrote it. Juanita was so exuberant and thrilled to be back at a national and Brent was so excited for her -- their happiness was contagious and their energy sucked in everyone within a 1/2-block radius of ...
New Anti-Cheating Commission Seated
David, stop. The only one calling you a low caliber player is you. I realize that your run-of-the-mill ACBL hater is going to misread and blast every valid attempt to communicate, but good God!
ACBL Expels Fantoni-Nunes
The way this decision is written, F/N are forfeiting all their titles (and ACBL masterpoints, status ranks and privileges). The four-year forfeiture of titles, ranks, MPs etc. applies only to partners and teammates of F/N.
Flin Flon 2: The North Remembers
I was sorta hoping he'd take me under his wing.
Flin Flon 2: The North Remembers
Want a job, Greg?
Sexism in Bridge and Women's Events
Would you ever say "top male player Jeff Meckstroth"? I don't mean to single anyone out, but it is something I try to be mindful of when writing.

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