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Susan Humphries
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May 23, 2016
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Feb. 18
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Board 17: BB 2011 Netherlands-v-Italy
We went off in 2NT on a diamond lead
Real board 27
Jess did double as north which I like not enough points but an extra heart. Plus aces are worth more. They sadly made an over against me as well! I was silly and ducked the KH.
Board 29 Tue 12 Feb
I think a club is fine. Only awkward rebid is when p bids 1H, both 1D and 1S we raise to 2. I play 2+club and got taught to open 1D with 44 in the minors (never intending to rebid 2C’s though) The play is interesting on the ...
Board 30, 12th February
Jess and I had the same auction as Ruth. It was interesting in the B.B. match both tables played in 2S Guess it really does show how making one more bid to get the opponents to bid again can pay benefits. Do you think we should be passing 3H ...
Board 24 Netherlands vs Italy 12/2
Very nice to read all the comments here as we defended 4H making. Had basically the same auction as Sue and Viv (just no transfer) but the bot raised to 3H and then 4H. Anyway that is not the point. We should of made it a lot harder for them ...
2011 Bermuda Bowl Italy vs Netherlands 2011 10 26
Same auction for Jess and I
Board 11
Liam thought it was more interesting what to do at trick 2 after winning king, switching or continuing
Board 11
Yes As soon as I gave the question to liam at breakfast the next morning - I knew I had been a "turkey" of course if 5D is singleton declearer has 4 --- clearly a mindblock both in play and my comment on here.
Board 15: 2007 Bermuda Bowl USA2 vs Brazil
Very good advice! X2 We didn't have the agreement about 2 of the top three honours So I just of tried below the force :-) I know I have a reputation for just whirling out keycard and hoping for the best So bring these other bids to our attention is ...
Board 4, 5th February 2019
We had the same auction. My brief thinking at the time was - as north I have a good hand! However I had the saying don't give away information just bid game! Thinking about it now I agree I don't need much for slam! But I was only in ...

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