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Sveinn Runar Eiriksson
Sveinn Runar Eiriksson
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Oct. 8, 2010
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Icelandic bridge and poker bum

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First time I won the Icelandic Teams
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Being teammate with iceking!
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Midvikudagsklubburinn /
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Do you have a 6 card spade suit ?
If your partner has a diamond ruff, you also set up the 4th diamond. So 6 spades, 2 hearts, 1 diamond and 1 club makes 10 tricks.... What would you say is the best defense on balance?
What does a 4NT opening bid mean
oh ... you dont know the answers to specific ace asking ... ;)
What does a 4NT opening bid mean
Ive been playing 4N as good 5-level pre in either minor for 25 years or so. On the other hand if I was playing with a new partner I would probably assume it was asking for specific aces...
NJ Regional problem
I dont really know which is more likely, West with KQJ in spades and 3 diamonds or if diamonds are 2-2 with hQ in place. It is really hard to play West for xxx in diamonds and continuing spades.... so I guess taking the heart finesse looks like the best ...
2016 Nordic Junior Pair Championship / Junior Camp
I wonder why Iceland and Faroe Islands doesnt get subsidies. We have the highest travel cost. One reason we are not there could be that we havent participated. But this might help recruiting....
Does WBF,EBL,ACBL show weakness ?
I think we need to make NBO's more responsible. I dont think big fines are the correct way to deal with this, as many NBO's have very little money and often they dont have fully control over the selection of the national team due to some members on ...
If it Hesitates Shoot it.
I would have liked the question: "Is pass a logical alternativ?" I dont like these black or white answers. As even if pass is clearcut or a possibility, it is what the TD will rule.
Poland's turn - do the right thing!
Personally I dont think that players should just follow what their federations wants and I am sure in case of Israel or Monaco that the players did not want to participate in Bermuda Bowl. Ofcourse I am just saying as I have no 100% evidence, but I think that if ...
Poland's turn - do the right thing!
I am sure that the Polish player are in a situation that noone wants to be in. But they can make up their own mind. And if B/Z are found guilty I dont think they will stay on the "not be selected list". If B/Z are found innocent ...
Poland's turn - do the right thing!
I am now just thinking from legal point of view. The WBF can probably not withdraw the invitation for the whole Polish team until B/Z have been found guilty. But PBU and the players on the Polish team can use their common sense and do the right thing. Like ...

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