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Sverre Johnsen
Sverre Johnsen
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Dec. 16, 2012
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Jan. 21
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Åsmund Stokkeland
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Is this sound?
I play 2NT as 15+ 6 card diamonds single in partner's suit or 15+ with 4-card support - 3 clubs asks. Raise to 2M - 3 card support or very weak with 4card support (10-11) Raise to 3M: 12-14.
Vanderbilt Round of 16 Vugraph matches
Flying to Lyon? Be prepared. Flying out? Leave many hours or you may miss your flight
Spent an hour and a half going through security at Manchester airport two weeks ago. Know it is not London, but understaffing seems to be a problem everywhere.
Could we have done more?
He would bid 3 on any hand that could not penalize 2. But as a Norwegian proverb says: When the origin is wrong, the result will be strange.
Could we have done more?
XX from north was really a bad bid as he has support for his pd's club-suit and therefore does not want to defend. Should have bid 4 clubs. South could have splintered first time around
Should have known better?
Why do we really have CCs? At least in team matches with 8 boards or more it should be mandatory to check the general outlines of opponents system including NT-range. But if the regulators have ordered alert of other ranges than 15-17 we just have to comply. But I really ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: T9876 K93 5 KQT4
A Crash-double showing black or red suits could work. 1: Works great when partner leads from his Qxx instead of Q10xxx of hearts against 3NT! :)
Psychic Partner (but not in the usual sense of the word)
When your partner bids 2, I expect you should have bid 2 if you had diamonds and spades? In that case there is no problem giving the correct explanation as you will have shown diamonds+hearts. I cannot see how this convention could be played in another way ...
2 followed by 2 would be invitational. 2 is GF so 2 is clearly pass or correct to 2
"Fisher-Schwartz call for WBF investigation" from NewInBridge
This statement is even more sickening than the one made by WBF this weekend. I really hope they will not be able to shift the focus from the real issues.

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