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Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
At the end of the night you would struggle to see from one end of the room to the other because of the cigarette smoke.
Practice with "Relay Doubles"--our new toy
I have used KW's relay double for a couple of years now, but also at the 2-level. It applies for us when partner has shown a 5+card suit and the opponents have overcalled in a suit. It doesn't matter whether partner has opened, overcalled, or jump overcalled ...
Showing both majors over 1NT - 2!C
I have used this for years, as part of ROMEX responses to 1NT and 2NT openers. The 2NT response is not ideal but it is infrequent. The much more frequent responses with one or no majors, in ROMEX, can reveal less information that normal Stayman. So overall this is a ...
Lessons and Power Point
I misspoke. It actually converts *PBN files* to handviewer links.
Lessons and Power Point
PM me for a utility to convert a LIN file with bidding and/or playable contracts into a series of handviewer links, if that would be useful.
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
PaulM: Playing this method, if partner leads the Ace and you have a small doubleton, you discourage. Partner was looking for the Queen and you don't have it. If partner was interested in finding a doubleton in your hand she would have led the King.
Spaces on bidding slips
Over the years I have occasionally noticed this, but, while a bit suspicious at first, I decided that these are just free-spirited people unconstrained by boxes and lines. As further evidence you could observe: (1) Did they write their bids in large semi-legible characters? (2) Did they eat quiche or ...
Multi went for -1100. Worst bid?
@Eric, @Kit: I also play 2 as weak for the minors, but it promises only 5+/4+ and this increases it's frequency. 2NT is available to ask for the longer minor. It also promises at least one and is non-forcing, so playing in 2 is not ...
Bridge Mates?
We introduced BridgeTabs in a large club about 3 months ago. They have been very well received. They require more admin - depending on the model and the settings the battery will last maybe 6 sessions meaning you need to charge them overnight - we have charging units that charge ten units ...
Carding question...
Generally against a suit contract, you would lead King from AKxxx and Ace asking for the Queen from AKxx. But when Qxx appears in dummy, you show count instead. Not easy when you have xxxx. Giving false count won't work when the lead specifically asks for count - partner may ...
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