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Tansu Aksu
Tansu Aksu
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July 11, 2011
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Dec. 10
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Bridge Player

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Sapphire Life Master
Tansu Aksu & Charlie Miner
2/1 GF/NF Negative Free Bids/Ignore RHO double when partner opens 1x
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Tansu Aksu & Bob McCaw
2/1 GF
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Yuan Shen's bidding problem: T8xx AKTxxx Qx x
3H sounds like an easy bid.If partner bids 3NT I bid 4h. If bids 3sp I would bid 4cl.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
hmm try this, copy pasted to my blog :)
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
i found the famous hand >
Off the End-play
What if opener had only 2 spades? and even opener had 4sp, opponents still may get to 3h. Bidding 3 D immediately makes it harder and actually 3d makes 130, while not sure if 2sp could make 140, but doesn't matter it's a team match. Opponents had the ...
Off the End-play
This could have been avoided if NT responder bid 3CL(or any method they use) to transfer to diamond
Paul Hardy's bidding problem: KQ8 AKJ54 --- AK964
we play 4cl special keycard asking over any weak 2 or 3, if partner gives me 1 KC, must be spades then i bid 7. i can 100% find a way to make 13 trick for ruffing d, and/or making 6 tricks in H and Clubs if doesn't ...
What's It to You?
John if 3H will make them bid 4H, then they will get doubled, non-issue
What's It to You?
if direct 4d is an invite, bidding 2d first then correcting to 4d can be used for forcing
What's It to You?
3 H is forcing 4d should be an invite
The Best Bridge Writer Poll
To me Ottlik's "Adventures" is the best book, Darvas's "Ace of Diamond" story in the "Right thru the pack" is the best play, Reese and Kelsey are the best writers from the past, and i think Krzysztof Martens is a great writer should be listed as well
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