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Terry Beckman
Terry Beckman
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June 5, 2011
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Oct. 8
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Currently in the top 600 masterpointwise nationally. Finished 40 and 29 in back to back years in the top 500. Have finished between 80 and 150 in the last 2 years
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Kathy Beckman, John Koch
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Platinum Life Master
John Koch Terry Beckman
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Beckman - Winter
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Terry Beckman Mike Cassel
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Ben Kristensen Terry Beckman
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Call to Action: ACBL Zonal Governance Reorg
One of the biggest issues as I see it, is getting the volunteers to continue to work. Farther they are from the structure and more micromanaged they are the less likely they are to do the work. Now unless you intend to pay them (like district 19 pays their tournament ...
A Third Option for Regional KOs - Stratified Swiss KOs
David, if you like competition, give the Omaha regional a try. Top bracket and maybe second bracket given the teams are very competitive.
Sean McNally's bidding problem: AT98xx Kx AK Axx
With what passes for openers these days, do not want to risk missing a red game. Almost all missing HCP are going to be in one hand, so should be easy to declare.
Is this a way to run an organization?
To those of you who feel less tournaments are the answer, with the older people not traveling as much, all you will do is hasten the end of tournaments. The older players will play clubs games and if tournaments are not close (including regionals), they will just play in clubs ...
Is this a way to run an organization?
Steve, I can feel your pain as a lot of the same issues exist here in district 14, except for Omaha(at this time). Maybe the solution is as Mike proposes, to make the top bracket 2 A/X Swiss teams for the two days, with X set above the ...
Declared Candidates for 2019 District Director Elections
The other issue is that the further removed from power the volunteers are, the more likely you are going to have less volunteers to do the needed work for local and regional tournaments to survive. I live in Minnesota and with my wife winter in Florida and have already started ...
Sean McNally's bidding problem: J8643 KQ96 8 K74
Game might make, but at matchpoints I am just hanging partner fro a competitive bid. Partner will start passing with minimum hands and 4 card support if I start raising on this hand.
Sean McNally's bidding problem: J KQJ Q4 AQJ6543
I might risk 3 in a game where I am playing weak opponents, here it is just a guess, but I think the odds are about 2 - 1 against me with decent opponents. I also would have bid 3 clubs the first time.
Grassroots Participation in ACBL Elections
My feeling is that only about 30% of board members in any non profit actually do the work, most of the rest just attend the board meetings and contribute their thoughts there. This is from a long time experience Then you have the non board members that provide a vital ...
Mystery of Barry Crane
Took way too long, but finally solved. The AP story I saw, said he had confessed. DNA is starting to work wonders.

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