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Thanassis Tsevis
Thanassis Tsevis
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March 22, 2013
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May 5, 2019
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Director's ruling problem in a claim
David, you are the type of partner i adore. Please tell me where can i find you to play a tournament as partners. And, if we found ourselves in a similar situation, where we would have misdefended, i would love to hear from you " No need to panic my friend ...
Dimosthenis Dionyssopoulos's bidding problem: Q8 752 A962 K875
2. If west compete with 2, and my partner and opener passes, I will rebid 3
Filippos Karamanlis's bidding problem: Qxxx AT KJxxx xx
very nice analysis Ken
Thanassis Tsevis's bidding problem: Jx AQxxx Q AQxxx
You will escape with 300
redouble over double of 4th suit
Tough and nice problem Nick. I strongly believe that a system which is accurate to show or ask 1 or 1.5 or 2 stoppers, from both sides, in hearts (4th suit) it is not striclty the priority here. There are plenty types of the responder hand. Most of them ...
redouble over double of 4th suit
Do I play gazzilli after 1D opening? Is there any reason to complicate the sequence, since i can bid a slightly overbid of 2H?
redouble over double of 4th suit
Easily. Bid Pass, holding 2 or 3 cards in hearts, and your partner will bid rdb, at the reopening seat, showing five hearts, suggesting to play there.
Nikos Stamatiou's bidding problem: KQ KJ8764 KQ K87
2 Gazzilli. If you dont play, there is no other one sufficient bid
Director Call
E-W remaining silence during bidding
Director Call
Complete facts were: Immediately afterwards the claim, a confuse prevailed in the table for, if the claim was correct or no. The East accepted the claim, protesting in his teammate because it answered in the south. Told to him, "the next time keep your mouth shut". West upset from the ...

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