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Dec. 9, 2018
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Forum Oct 15 Board 29
Sorry - forgot wasnt supposed to publish until tomorrow! We flying out this afternoon and did bouards last night
Board 15 August 20
Our opponents got to 3nt with a precision auction. We play weak 2d but I didn’t like to open this at the vulnerability. If I had partner might have got off to a diamond lead but then they may have found their heart fit
Board 4, 20th August
Our opponents bid 5c over 4 spades which we doubled. After a spade lead and second spade ruffed West played the Ace of clubs dropping the Singleton king of clubs. Looks like better defence is spade lead, heart switch, second heart and third heart for the uppercut
Sub needed for board 8 this week please
I can do board 8. Have a good holliday!
Board Assignments: Aug 13 Bermuda Bowl Match
I am still happy to do board 16. I have also done board 8 but cant publish it yet due to the time limit between publishings
Board 26, August 13th
There was soeme discussion between EW about the 2s bid - East thought West should have bid 3S
Board 4, 30th July
Thanks Kate. If Lori had up to about 15 points and hearts she would have bid them. But she could have had 16 or 17 and hearts and not bid them so I should have shown the hearts. I was just trying to think whether I could show both suits ...
Board 4, 30th July
I thought game unlikely but perhaps I could bid 2h and then 3 clubs over your 2 spade rebid. Probably should get this hand across
Board 4, 30th July
As East West we had a Gazilli auction to 3c. 1s - 1nt - 2c - 3c with 3 clubs denying 2 spades, weak with 6+ clubs. I have only just started playing Gazilli, seems to be working well with 2 over 1 so far. Maybe North could have balanced over 3c but ...
hand 30.
Yes. Bid 3c and got double left in. Liked my shortage in majors but maybe having the KH should be a deterrent I don’t know?

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