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Thomas L. Goodwin
Thomas L. Goodwin
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Oct. 19, 2010
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Feb. 11, 2019
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Bridge Player

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Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Italy and Amnesties
heitner and loewenthal are not available
More of This - Please!
The quotation from Animal House is from Oliver Twist, isn't it?
Barry Crane had no equals and few peers . . . .
Trash Twos
Here's what I would like to see: a record over some significant period of time, perhaps a year, of your partnership's actual results on all the deals where your side opens a Trash Two, while the opponent in your Trash Two seat, given the opportunity to do the ...
ACBL Membershp Follies
Vaguely spade-oriented system -any thoughts on where it's from?
Look at J.-R. Vernes' Bridge Distributionnel (2000), describing a method in which one club shows exactly four spades, one heart shows at least four hearts and fewer than four spades, and one diamond shows no 4+-card major suit. BD was a simplification of an earlier Vernes system, La ...
Penalty, takeout or cards?
This comment is right on.
Bidding systems without forcing opening bid
In "Churchill Natural Bidding Style" (1979), "Church" relates a story from 1941. He held 109xx xx 7xxx 7xx and heard his partner, one Alvin Roth, open one heart. Church passed and that became the contract. Roth expressed great unhappiness about this, as he held void AKQJx AQ10 KQ109x and had ...
ACBL convention chart - the 5 point notrump rule
"What the ACBL wants" is to compel players to utilize a specific artificial evaluation technique. I believe they would "just say so" if they were asked.
ACBL Inaction Regarding Attracting Younger Members
You could have said the same thing 20 years ago - or 40 years ago, for that matter.

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