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July 3, 2014
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Bridge on "Corrie" .... including some cheating
More shocking bridge plagiarism. There was a similar plot in Home and Away 30 years ago. I remember the cheaters got their comeuppance after being distracted by Marilyn's decolletage.
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
Good to see none of these comments are over the top. Are you going to publish the plagiarised Bridge commentary in another article or just some more material published under a collective commons licence?
Indignor quandoque
I guess it depends who was sitting W and how much I'd enjoy throwing them in with both K's (or dropping single K which may be why no 1NT). Against that I'd have to balance how much they'd enjoy me going down if I didn't ...
How was your first bridge clob experience?
Turned up by myself at the Young Chelsea club. The final board was against David Gold who called the director after my "partner" made a dodgy bid (taking advantage of my pause, I must confess). He then flew into a rage (my partner, not David Gold) and the board was ...
EBU Minimum openings
she opened 2nt and it wasn't a miscount. They weren't playing puppet either. I knew from the 3nt that something was up and hence managed to talk myself out of the lead. I guess I should have suspected a long minor and still lead my suit.
club night bad feeling
I explained why I bid it in the comment. When I bid it, it never occurred to me that everyone at the table didn't realise it was unusual. which it was. Of course. What else could it be.
club night bad feeling
at the point I bid 4 I assumed everybody knew 2nt was minors (which it was) and that W just hadn't bothered alerting it. If I x, and my p takes it out because 2nt wasn't alerted then what?
A Friday Hand -- Defend 4!s
You must have your partners better trained than I do...but you still found the winning line
A Friday Hand -- Defend 4!s
It doesn't help! Bonus point for working out why.
Play problem in 5!D
play on gives 84% in isolation...BUT assuming W would lead a single ...lowers this 6%(or 8 if you include single Q) assuming W would lead a single ...makes it roughly 85% again (no Qtxx possible) Using similar assumptions though makes the play on well ...
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