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Thomas Reis
Thomas Reis
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 17, 2012
Last Seen
Sept. 22
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Bridge Player
about me

My parents began teaching me how to play bridge when I was 8 years old. Forty-plus years later, I still love the game, and I am still learning. 

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
partner puts me in 7NT; I make it with 33HCP, missing three queens and a jack, with no 5 card suit to run.
Bridge Accomplishments
162 gold points; 122 silver; 55 red; 156 black; 5 online points. Thus, achieved Life Master in January 2019.
Regular Bridge Partners
Tim Berta, Eileen Deutsch, Tom Loveday, Chris Class
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Sequim DBC
Favorite Tournaments
Seaside and Whistler Regionals
Favorite Conventions
Two Way Reverse Drury
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Thomas Reis 2/1 strong NT 2017
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Should we have bid the Grand? ATB
After my 4H bid, if opener had bid 4S, I would NOT have given up, but would have continued with 4NT. I am pretty confident there is a small slam, and very aware that 7 may be possible. The 4H bid was forcing, and was an economical bid. The auction ...
Should we have bid the Grand? ATB
Actually, I think North had sufficient reason to bid 4NT after I showed a control in hearts.
Should we have bid the Grand? ATB
Certainly, if North had attempted to sign off at 4S, I would have pressed on with 4NT, then 5NT, then 7S, after confirming KQ of spades, the club Ace, and the diamond K.
Should we have bid the Grand? ATB
OK, so I was the South player in this auction. There is, as it should be, almost universal agreement that after the 1S opening, 2NT was an appropriate response by me. The potential trouble began with the space robbing bid of 4D, which would have been appropriate if opener had ...
Should we have bid the Grand? ATB
It was a team game, with IMP scoring, so with a known 9 card major suit fit, I wanted to find the safest slam at the 6 or 7 level.
Should we have bid the Grand? ATB
Tim and I, the players who bid this hand in the tournament, will need to reassess what qualifies as a "good five card side suit". If the suit looks good enough for opener to bid by jumping to the 4 level, but opener then becomes worried about the quality of ...
Should we have bid the Grand? ATB
see my response below.

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