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July 5, 2016
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Dodge a Bullet
Just my opinion : the 2 bid should be described : Promises and a higher suit ( see page 1 ) but may be used AND HAS BEEN used to just walk a long way .. explaining partnership agreement and experience while the later means you should remember ( and mention ) the last - let ...
Gold Coast Ruling
@ David : STOP is for jumps (or skips?) . So here after 1 ( partner ) puts STOP and 4 on the table and after 10 seconds ( partner ) removes STOP. That is YOUR time to think what you will do after 4 -- think now even before the 4-bid comes.
1m - P - 1!S - 2!H - 2NT?
You might have opened 1NT holding 14 HCP and all these 10s,9s,8s .. Depending on your agreements .. holding 3 cards in partners suit DOUBLE may be a matter of duty, not prefer ..
A difficult ruling?
Well , I have sometimes seen baby psyches with 1 (holding some minor cards ..) but someone holding the majors psyching a natural 1 - seems like a new idea to me
A difficult ruling?
East's hand is a lot less worth if he is told that his s will never run. And there is no alternative to playing in s if North has a real 1 -- denying 4crd majors (Walsh) ..
How long are you allowed to ask your partner if he just followed suit ?
You assume : Dummy thought, declarer may not have noticed, that one defender didn't follow suit. And asked ... not to protect the defender from revoke penalty .. but to wake up his partner. So -- as a TD -- you may believe that Dummy is right and declarer is a **$%W§", who didn ...
How long are you allowed to ask your partner if he just followed suit ?
I am always at that last point in my examples. Just before my own card in trick 8 ( when I am the second player in trick 8); just before partners card, when he is second. The revoke was in the trick before (if there was any ..) and becomes established right ...
When your tires are flat
"intending to bid 2" .. then it is obvious .. but we may have sometimes some difficulties to find out, what was really "intended" another day one may have mislooked -- seen 1"black" , thought it was 1 and intended to bid 1 over 1 ..
Michaels for the Majors Maybe???
that's what I meant : if South gets the explanation : 2 = + ?? s/he might bid 2 naturally (nonforcing, if you do that as weak as that ..) if South gets the explanation : 2 = + s/he might X for I want to kill them in at ...
Michaels for the Majors Maybe???
Hmmm. If neither South nor North did question anything at their first turn after 2 -- meaning none of them just even tried to bid s -- I really have problems to accept any damage. If North doesn't want to bid 3 (instead of 3) then the hand ...

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