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Thomas Stillman
Thomas Stillman
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Oct. 11, 2014
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July 16
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bridge player

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2 over 1
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ACBLScore in a multiple monitor environment
Get ACBL to update 30-year-old DOS software!
Have you ever told a beginner ...
As an educator, I find the term "dyslexic" used as an insult highly offensive.
Have you ever told a beginner ...
I have partners who have been playing for years who don't know how to do basic openers and responses (LOL)
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
I lose 25%-50% revenue when a regional tournament occurs. I don't know about other clubs, but I have to pay rent regardless of whether I have a game or not. Since I'll close during the Nationals in San Francisco, I'll be in the hole about $500 ...
Wanted: recommendations for a portable ACBLScore computer
Be careful about buying anything too cheap. I bought a $175 notepad and it died out in a few months. 8-)
Board 16 from the 06/02/2016 Common Game
How would you bid this to 7NT or 7?
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