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Thomas Stillman
Thomas Stillman
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Oct. 11, 2014
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Oct. 10
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bridge player

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2 over 1
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Looking for help from "bot" users
I did all you said but when I got the part where I designated North a robot, I got a prompt asking for money
Student Scam Emailed from ACBL
Funny story: I received the email from ACBL and almost immediately received an email from a woman asking me for a bridge lesson. She's legit. 8-)
What are the benefits of sanctioned bridge?
We used to have a local non-sanctioned game with about 20 tables. Here's what someone has to pay for: a) Space (if it's not at your home, is someone else going to step up and host it) b) Cards c) Bidding Boxes (if you want) d) Travelers if ...
ACBLScore in a multiple monitor environment
Get ACBL to update 30-year-old DOS software!
Have you ever told a beginner ...
As an educator, I find the term "dyslexic" used as an insult highly offensive.
Have you ever told a beginner ...
I have partners who have been playing for years who don't know how to do basic openers and responses (LOL)
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
I lose 25%-50% revenue when a regional tournament occurs. I don't know about other clubs, but I have to pay rent regardless of whether I have a game or not. Since I'll close during the Nationals in San Francisco, I'll be in the hole about $500 ...
Wanted: recommendations for a portable ACBLScore computer
Be careful about buying anything too cheap. I bought a $175 notepad and it died out in a few months. 8-)
Board 16 from the 06/02/2016 Common Game
How would you bid this to 7NT or 7?
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