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Thorbjørn Willoch
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Sept. 6, 2015
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Lose the Bermuda Bowl With Me
Bd#1 The double looks strange. But not raising seems ok. I think that in 1957 you could trust that the opponents had some points for their bidding. The concept of voluntary bid showing extras existed then. Bd#4 What do you suggest he should bid? Pd might have 4 ...
Lose the Bermuda Bowl With Me
Page 2: «only 223 after this one» What does it mean?
Deal rotated in the board
English is a second language, and I do not know the "bridge" subset of it. So any suggested improvement in presentation welcome.
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 3)
But RHOs BIT could only mean he was either considering doubling, or sacrifice . Regardless he has spades. So partner has none. And his BIT is AI, so could I not use that to pull?
Claims - online game
After the latest 2017 rules, all (including dummy) can agree to play on.
Should this slam be made ?
From my lead problems I see that spades lead fell to a 3rd when I changed the J to a . Given the answers to the poll I would guess it is about even odds for the two lines. With 3 small hearts and this bidding I have a hard ...
Should this slam be made ?
From the spade return from east I do draw the inference that the spades are 2-5. The main point is that west led in a bid suit instead of leading a small heart. A small trump from 2 or 3 small must be a better passive lead than dummys suit.
Should this slam be made ?
To lead from Txxx in dummys suit seems risky. East would surely return a club if he had kxx in spades. Now he had a hope of a singelton in west.
Thorbjørn Willoch's bidding problem: QT974 KJxx J Jxx
I waited for 40 votes before I commented. I did the same as you at the table, for the same reason.
Thorbjørn Willoch's bidding problem: QT974 KJxx J Jxx
It was 3 down, 5 was also 3 down. That gave a good score for us. But doubled would have given lots more.

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