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Tibor Horvath
Tibor Horvath
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May 11, 2016
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Nov. 30, 2016
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A New Ranking System
Which would you rather compete against is a better question. My biggest thrill was one big set against Peter Rand and Peter Pender that gave us 2nd in a big regional and them 7th as opposed to vice versa. At that time I was also playing club games against little ...
A New Ranking System
Richard Willey, chess handles isolated groups by giving you a world rating that is affected by handicapping the results of every sanctioned game. If you play in the little league your batting average will be much higher than in the majors. But if world class players are rated in the ...
A New Ranking System
Chess, Backgammon and several other seriously played games have a simple rating system. You rating increases and decreased with a handicap reflecting your relative strength. A 2100 chess player is at a pretty consistent level worldwide, except in isolated communities of play. Bridge can be rated that way, though the ...
A New Ranking System
Lehman is a good system of chesslike ratings. it inflates the rating of the higher rated partner in a compatible partnership. Credit and blame is assessed in proportion to each partner's contribution to their combined rating. This leads to players getting to be rated up to the limit of ...
The real demographic crisis has a very nice summary of sayc and 2/1 online. You learn a system by playing it. Play on with lots of partners and you might be expert in no time.
The real demographic crisis
Go online with The frenzied email courtship is gone but 3000 addicted players are active there.
OKBridge bankrupt?
OKPlus version 1.5 has given OKBridge a new life as of early 2016. Because of the evolution of the way the Web works, most of their members had been reduced to playing on OKWin, a fairly primitive interface. The new OKPlus has fixed very few small annoyances but the ...
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