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Tibor Roberts
Tibor Roberts
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March 23, 2011
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Feb. 2, 2018
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Ron and Tibor
2 over 1
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Ajit and Tibor
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1S-2H;3H Now what?
Last night, when I declared exactly 0 times at the Unit game, I'd have given a lot to set my suit as trumps just once. But on the night the OP hand came up I thought Brian's hand might well be better than mine (and couldn't really ...
1S-2H;3H Now what?
As the non-random person who held these cards, I can tell you that by agreement, 4 would have been kickback for . I really like JDunn's approach (and others) of bidding 2 on this hand originally, and reserving 2 for a hand with a source of ...
You be the committee
Much as I like Kit's analysis of why a H return makes sense against 5, while a trick-3 trump is clear against 6, that is not the argument E is said to have made. E said (s)he would "try harder" against 6. I'm leaning toward adjust anyway ...
What Effect Will The Cheating Allegations Have On Grass Root Bridge?
I'm quite worried that some lower level players will think to themselves, "Well, now I know how the 'experts' beat me, and what I have to do to fight back..."
Suggestion/volunteering: An "Article of the Year" award
Excellent idea, Ron.
Is it necessary to be able to play in 1 weak NT redoubled?
I usually play that pass forces XX, either for business or scramble. That puts a lot of pressure on the opps, and they often get it wrong: people seem to err on the side of pulling the XX, even when the plan was to scramble. Only rarely has it given ...
Yet another assign the blame
The only thing I like about the 5 bid is that partner would have to play it.
Diamond Splinter
I have found this discussion enlightening, but I can't agree with all of it. I think it is easy, for example, to dismiss the Q as "wasted" when you know that opener holds AKxxx. How could responder know that, however? You wouldn't open 1 holding Ax A7432 ...
Weak Notrump Question
Playing weak NT, which I do whenever partner agrees, I find that support doubles work well in this situation. Partner knows you *either* have extra shape (meaning that he can ruff a side suit on the short trump side), or extra values, which can also help make the 4-3 more ...

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