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Tilman Seidel
Tilman Seidel
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Aug. 27, 2017
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about me

Im doing more watching than playing actually.

Have always been fascinated by the game and its endless varieties.

Love my family, travelling and hiking.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning european Juniors pairs championship (long, long time ago!)
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Up the Ante
Page 2: even if he doesn't have club support, since a follow-up 2♥ call would not show extra strength. I suppose "diamond support" is meant. Very interesting analysis, thanks!
10 Questions In Lockdown
1. Monty Python`s life of Brian 2. Queen 3. Winston Churchill 4. Sailing (Rod Stewart) 5. Terry Pratchett Books 6. Winning European Junior Pairs Championship (1990, sigh) 7. Losing my composure at the table 8. Geir Helgemo 9. Paul Soloway 10. not a rule, but a wish: Increase ethical ...
CHO Strikes Again
Center Hand Opponent (nice description for many partners)
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: 986 KT42 A432 86
I see it positive - partner has pushed them to the 5-level with his unexpected bid. If they go down, then they go down more often than 4H - if they win, I get an average. Doubling risks 50% to gain 10% (90 instead of 80) - bad odds. If partners bids AGAIN ...
What's Your Line
Q, three rounds of hopefully, if they split 4-2, J. If covered, trying to run spades, finally clubs and deciding about diamonds depending on who has the long majors (could be a double squeeze if East holds hearts and West spades)
Can you avoid -200?
I think they got enough information from the bidding :-)
Weirdest Bid
Just had a similar experience two days ago: 1 by partner, x to my right, xx by me; 1 left, x by partner, 2(!) to my right. Pass, Pass, x again - now 3(!!) to my right. This finally went for +300 with no game for us ...
Bridge in fiction
In "The light fantastic" by Terry Pratchett DEATH himself learns to play bridge - with the Apocalyptic Riders as his companions. Highly enjoyable - as all of Sir Terry's fiction, may he rest in peace!
How do you play this 6!S contract?
Bidding and lead makes me feel like this: winning spade in hand, heart finesse, heart ruff, spade to dummy (supposing 3-1), heart ruff (hoping for 4-2 hearts), hearts and spades, diamond finesse. This way, even an overtrick is possible if east is 1255 with both diamond king and ace of ...
2/1 vs. Precision
I think the strength of the 1C-opening (saving space) and the limited opening bids outweigh the disadvantages of the Precision 2C opening bid, where we have to do some guesswork (because of limited space)...

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