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Aug. 27, 2017
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Feb. 19
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Marginal Balance
Liked it (once again), the counting analysis as well as the idea of having 2 suits for a balance in this situation. On page 15, "WEST hasn't made a more normal lead".
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: KQT764 K94 Q72 7
As 2S in this position could be very weak it is not a good constructive basis. Would think more about it after three passes...
Jef Pratt's bidding problem: A5 8432 JT9 KJ96
As it is takeout, his most likely shapes are 4153 and 4144, maybe 3154. 2NT covers all cases best (as long as he chooses clubs with equal length (which seems logical to me)). Should have voted for 2 NT...
Tilman Seidel's bidding problem: KT64 QT83 984 JT
You are East - and 1S was bid behind you - Partner did double.
Tilman Seidel's lead problem: J6 QT9763 AT9 83
Thx for all answers - it is a relief to see that no one voted for the only winning lead at the table - the ace of diamonds (partner had a single). Maybe it would have been more attractive without the 10 and 9, but it seems to put all eggs in ...
Missing Aces and Micro-Moysians
Congratulations - this was interesting and fun at the same time!
An Amusing Hand to Remember
Thanks for sharing your experience, that even the most boring looking hands can be fascinating at bridge!
James Huntington's lead problem: T82 J432 T63 963
His hearts might even be weaker, as long as they are 5. You cannot say the same thing about spades...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: A2 AQT754 KT86 A
How does the majority think they can make 9 tricks in 3NT even if you get a heart lead? For sure not without spades - and what if partners spades are bad? In 4S I can still make a lot of tricks by scrambling ruffs and might get a heart lead ...
Hand Locked
Interesting as usual! West plays the queen of clubs twice, I suppose "king" on page 8 was meant.

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