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Sept. 19, 2010
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Aug. 4, 2017
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Toronto NABC Entry Fees always subject to change
Actually it's kind of the opposite. Credit cards usually have terrible conversion rates but many of them make a great deal of misleading noise about having no fee so that they can make money on the terrible exchange rate.
ACBL Junior Memberships: What do you think of new policy?
I think the ACBL should refocus efforts on the online magazine generally with the print magazine becoming a second tier focus over time. I highly agree with the NYT style x-free articles a month for non-members. In general, moving to something linkable and sharable on social media would be a ...
The Image of Bridge
I think I have an interesting perspective on this: I played bridge seriously for most of high school and university, eventually playing on the U26 team for Canada before mostly quitting the game for almost 10 years. I've recently started playing again, as well as volunteering with the youth ...
Video: Robot Duplicate Part 2
I'm also not so sure partner has a clear upgrade. They have an aceless minimum, with a doubleton diamond, and they certainly don't know you have good diamond intermediates, They also have the minimum possible shape (they can't be 4333 with a doubleton :P), and they are ...
Juniors Who Play Exotic Systems
In response to your comment Andy: I think its a different world in the internet age. With the ability to see almost every system every played, and how just about everyone under the sun has handled whatever problem happens to make you frustrated with a relatively standard system at the ...
Video: Robot Duplicate Part 1
Great Job. I think there are a lot of merits to doing this live, however, something you may want to consider is doing some videos where you use hand records from BBO. The main advantage to using hand records is that there is no time pressure at all so you ...
2/1 Discussion: Opener's Jump Rebid
I think there is some merits to allowing slightly weaker suits when you have no serious possibility of a fit in X. So the overall minimum suit might be say AQJXXXX if you have a misfit with partner, but should probably be better if there is any possiblity of having ...
Passing is OK
How light can your 3rd seat 1D get, is there any possibility it's your opponents hand? In a lot of the systems I play partner can easily have the same without the ace of hearts, and the opponents bidding would make a lot more sense if west had the ...
What do you rebid?
How does 2D reverse go wrong? If partner raises I show 3 card heart support and they can be fairly confident I don't have a spade stopper. It gets across the club length, AKJ isn't that far from 4 diamonds, and I haven't lied about my values ...
Juniors Who Play Exotic Systems
I also think that magic to bridge is a particularly awkward transition: I've played some competitive magic and I agree that deck construction is a big area of getting an edge, but the primary difference is you can make very small tweaks that come up at a very high ...

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