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Tim Goodwin
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July 27, 2010
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June 15
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Should the place of VPs in KO events be reconsidered?
I think you are confusing things by calling a two-stage event with a Swiss/round-robin stage followed by a KO stage a "KO event". It's a team event with two stages, each stage having a different format. I have long though that VPs should be used only as a ...
Rules? We Don't Need No Stinking Rules.
"Amazingly"? Isn't it only 1 in 3 that two specific teams will meet in round one when there is a random draw from four teams?
COC Problems
I don't see why District or Unit CoC can't conflict with ACBL CoC so long as they are published in advance, advertised, and a available at time of entry. What seems bizarre to me is that it may be the case that ACBL does not have default CoC ...
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
Well Ron, some lack empathy and don't even seem to try. Mediocrity all around!
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
Ron, often the people who are passing on the opportunity to play against the best are the bunnies, not the bashers. Not all bunnies--I would say very few bunnies--have the potential to hold their own against the best even if they dedicated many hours over many years to attempting to ...
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
Ron, it's not a matter of what your preference is (or what my preference is). I understand your preference. It's your apparent inability to understand why someone else would have a different preference that I find sad.
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
Yes, Ed. I was referring to: "And the problem, if it is one..."
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
"Can't understand"? Really?
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
You said "if there is a problem" but it doesn't seem to me that you have clearly indicated what you think might be the problem. What is the problem to which you are alluding?
Junior Entry Fees at ACBL NABC
Jeff Bayone's club policy has likely netted the ACBL thousands of dollars.

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