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Tim Goodwin
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July 27, 2010
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Tim Goodwin's bidding problem: AT5 732 KT63 AKQ
I'm not sure what double is (from either side). I think if both sides are making, responder will find another call. If only one side is making, it doesn't much matter. The big thing is we don't want to turn a plus on defense into a minus ...
Tim Goodwin's bidding problem: AT5 732 KT63 AKQ
Sorry: 1NT = 15-17
Last Year's ACBL President Speaks Out
Richard, District 25 used to get "free" convention space ar hotels based upon a room block guarantee. 15 years ago or so they didn't fulfill their room block and were hit with a $5000 space fee (per contract). I don't know how the contracts are written now.
Gold Rush
I think @SteveMcgrahan is onto something! Platinum Rush Regionals. But, I say put the upper masterpoint limit at 7500 or 5000. Would they be popular?
Gold Rush
Would bridge clubs survive if their games were not ACBL sanctioned and did not qualify for masterpoints awards? I'm not saying there aren't other things for ACBL to do or that they do not overcharge for masterpoints at clubs. But, I imagine clubs would mostly go out of ...
I have been wondering about XYZ both after 1x-1y-1M and 1x-1y-1N and wonder if opener's approach to 1m-1y-1M (whether it shows 4M5m or could be 4M333 and whether opener might bypass a 4cM to rebid 1N) matters much deciding whether XYZ is appropriate in either situation.
South passed four times and north passed once, but there are only three passes to rate. Do you have agreements about 2D, 3D, and pass then diamonds over the double?
Gold Rush
Ken, because the "dumbing down" extends up the ladder to the highest levels. See the resistance to new or unfamiliar methods in the US vs the rest of the world.
Gold Rush
I expect approximately 50% of ACBL members hold fewer masterpoints than the median holding; I expect more than 50% hold fewer than the mean holding.
What If Gold Rush Meant Something?
Ray, back in Junior High School the chess club kept track of Elo ratings even though our games were not sanctioned by the US Chess Federation (or whatever it is called). The folks that play party bridge at Town Hall every Tuesday afternoon keep some short-term records (but, most of ...

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