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Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
The trouble, IMO, is the use of an imperfect evaluation system for disclosure (and regulation). I do not believe the Laws mention HCP, when speaking of valuation the Laws say something like "a King less than average" which is not the same as "7 HCP". If disclosure is made with ...
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
MOSCITO style transfer openings are his thing. He recognizes other transfers as opening the door.
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
In the definitions section, a call is defined as Natural "if it also shows distribution in another suit" (and Artificial is defined as not Natural or Quasi-Natural); a 1 opening which shows diamonds and hearts is not Artificial. So, when a rule (Open Chart, Disallowed Opening Bids #3) addresses ...
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
I have had it in my mind that if a bid is allowed--your 1 promising an unbalanced hand including a 4-card major--then the same bid which shows a subset of these hands--1 showing an unbalanced hand including four hearts--ought to also be allowed. It seems to be a ...
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
If it is, we're in bizarro world where 1 can show an unknown 4-card major but not a specific 4-card major (which must be easier to defend).
IMPed Pairs: towards a better datum
It seems to me that any pair defending against a cold game contract would benefit from giving up 12 tricks to manipulate the datum. And, declarers would be discouraged from taking a 12th trick.
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
That would have been better wording. Then again, I did put it in a parenthetical.
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
If I downgrade, I could pass.
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
Definitely a different model. Mentioned it primarily because of the Costo, Amazon Prime, etc. list above. I still think membership price change would work and would be a good thing.
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
Wizards of the Coast offers a free membership/player number to any Magic the Gathering player and players do not pay different fees depending upon whether or not they are members. IMO, ACBL ought to essentially do the same. Provide every player with a player number and record masterpoints (and ...

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