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Feb. 23, 2012
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Flannery and 1NT-3C asking for five card major
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Opponents overcall our strong 2!c opening - bidding theory question
I thought it was because of the agreement that opener doubles with a balanced hand. Responder, with some values responder, would then be in a position to figure out if defending is best after 2-(2)-pass*-(pass); dbl*-(pass)-.
Definition of double, if it is not a support double?
Does anyone play that a raise of responder's major can be on three card support after interference? If so, how do you sort out length, strength, and possibly stoppers in opponent's suit? Without interference, we play 1m - 1M; 2M - 2NT as forcing to allow opener to show min ...
Definition of double, if it is not a support double?
Thanks Jyri, yeah, that could be the one I was thinking about. But in that case, I am misremembering, since he only talks about if support doubles should be mandatory or not. In fact, in the sequence he gives, it is clear that he IS playing support doubles in a ...
Definition of double, if it is not a support double?
I know that Rodwell invented support doubles. Originally to avoid playing in a 3-3 fit, though he has said he found them useful even after he stopped responding to 1 with a 3 card major. However, that was in a strong club context, when 17+ hands for opener was ...
Definition of double, if it is not a support double?
This is how I play it when I play support doubles as well. My questions were given that support doubles are not played (more specifically with double as takeout).
Definition of double, if it is not a support double?
Currently we play it as decent weak no trump with a spade guard.
WBF alert procedure
In the ongoing World Youth Open Championships in Opatija, two Swedish juniors got the ruling that their 1NT-2H (to play) should have been alerted.
What is a No-trump range?
How long is a session? 24 boards? The probability of holding 14 points balanced is approximately 3%, I think. If I get the chance to open the bidding and if I upgrade that into a 15-17 NT each time I hold the hand, that would still be less than once ...
Inviting to 3NT w/o a Four-Card Major by Using Stayman: A Current Problem and a Proposed Solution
Mike, about the two ways to win. Does that mean you intend to pass 2M with a moderate 8 count when you find a fit?
How to Show 5-5 in the Majors
For us a transfer followed by the other major shows a one suited slammish hand so we could not do that. With this hand we would probably bid 2NT-3; 3-3 to show five spades. Then after 3NT we would bid some number of hearts.

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