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Todd Holes
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April 28, 2011
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Mastery of the Fundamentals
Agree completely. I read a lot (though not as much as I would like). It is my preferred way to learn. There used to be a pretty fair contributor on BBF (there were many, of course) who went by the name MikeH. I used to read the forums every single ...
Levin-Weinstein REACH Analysis
Board 1 comments were especially concise. I understood every word.
Fewest HCP for game bid and made?
Do not recall my game record, but do recall making a doubled 7 grand on 15 --- intended as a sacrifice. Shockingly, no one else found it, with most pairs in 6 the other way.
How would your auction go?
Bobby Wolff recently mentioned this treatment on his blog. I had not seen it before. I like it and think it a better use for the jump to 3M.
Systems on?
:) Took me a moment to comprehend this. Just rename your system "Insufficient Bids."
Systems on?
If partner had responded 2 it would be natural and to play. Therefore, 2 has the same meaning, it is to play. (I hope).
A Comprehensive System of Responses to 1NT
I do something very similar, but invert the meaning of the 4 and 4 bids. It allows more room to show a control. Also, over the 3OM hidden splinter, we use the next step to ask.
BW 2/1: Opener's "High Reverse"
Agreed, Chris. Although written several years ago, the link below are some of Justin Lall's thoughts on opener's "high reverse." He states, "If you bid at the 3 level, you are never going to be able to make a fully shape showing bid next. There is not enough ...
Systems on after 2!C - 2NT?
Don't respond 2NT. Stay out of opener's way. So, with a balanced 8-10 respond 2 and let the auction progress naturally.
Bob Okker's bidding problem: QT976543 J K6 AQ
If I were going to trot out the "If I were playing with a beginner" caveat, then I probably just blast 4. If you bid 4 opposite your golfer friend (aka beginner) you have every right to be left there. But the OP--posted to Bridgewinners--assumes a certain degree ...

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