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Todd Zimnoch
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Aug. 11, 2013
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Playing your 2 Aces on the same trick?
The ace that was played first. This is a routine false card when holding both tens.
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
How about, "15-17, frequent upgrades, can be weaker with a long, strong minor"?
Restricted choice: real life example
Your car won't start. There could be any number of reasons why, some more likely than others. You think you might be out of gas, but then you discover that the battery is too weak to keep the lights on. That discovery lowers the probability that being out of ...
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
It's the 14th card that gives you 4 quick losers. If it were only a 13-card hand, you could open it 4.
The ACBL: a Byword for Incompetence?
Have you seen the ACBL's charms?
Systemic lead from doubleton w/ two touching honors
J from QJ tight is a fun lead of the trump suit.
Worst Bid? For Bidding Theory Geeks Only
I know that you're asking for the worst bid(s) past 3NT, but I don't understand the philosophy after 2NT. If 3 is an asking bid, why shift gears again and further describe opener's hand with 3? Why isn't 3 another form of ...
Legal Agreement or not?
2 is artificial if it doesn't have spades, not necessarily a psyche. Why would a 2 bid asking partner to further describe hand bid be treated differently than a 2NT Ogust bid with no intention to play in NT? It sounds like disclosure was inadequate. Legal agreement ...
Toronto NABC Entry Fees in Martian Currency?
I miss the days of paying for dinner with an American $20 and getting a Canadian $20 in change.
A Point of Technique
Pages 3 and 4 are missing T in the South hand.

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