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Sept. 4, 2015
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ATB missed slam
Thanks for all votes and comments. Apparently 3 was not the right bid in 2/1. As to 4 I can tell that West thought that they were on their way to slam and trusted that East, the captain of the partnership, would roll out Blackwood.
ATB missed slam
3 simply showed extra values and a decent sixcard suit.
Bermuda Bowl-1959 Segment 1
D'Alelio did play several sets against Argentina.
Bermuda Bowl-1959 Segment 1
D'Alelio was ill so Chiaradia played with Forquet.
What is the true source of this deal?
Correct. First hand in the book. Declarer was Charles Goren. His reward was an ice-cold zero because every other south made seven hearts with the ace of clubs lead.
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
I noticed that two pairs withdrew from the Open pairs final on Sunday. The logical thing to do seems to cancel all their results from Saturday as they only played (slightly over) half the field. If that would have been done, the bronze medal would have changed hands. Instead, all ...
Philly Slam Poll 1 of 3: ATB missed 6!S
1-1-3NT. Must be a no-splinter.
B/Z observations
I had 7 wrongs, exactly the ones Kit mentions. Kit 26/Nic 10 is weird. B signals 5 at 2.19.35. One second later Z moves his card. At 2.19.50 B signals 10. I must say that I have serious doubts about the trigger theory. There are ...
Testing a Hypothesis
Amir, I am pretty sure they lead the highest from a doubleton. This is also stated on their convention card. I don't know about their subsequent leads. The card says 3rd/5th. I noticed RS returning 5 from 9-5 in one of the hands (case 7).
Testing a Hypothesis
Greg, it's a pity that your hypothesis is hidden in this thread. Earlier this week I already did some research on the shirt tugging by LF. I noticed the following incidents. 1. 2015 EOBC vs. Vinciguerra, board 11. Video 1:59:36 Against 5 LF leads A. Before ...
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