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Tom Allan
Tom Allan
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Basic Information

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June 9, 2012
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Dec. 9
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Bridge Director
about me

Retired Sales Engineer and HS math teacher. Started playing serious bridge  recently after a 25 year hiatus. Can often be found on BBO after 9:00 PM Eastern. Goes by tomnace on BBO.



United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning a free trip to Miami Nationals in 75 where I met my wife
Bridge Accomplishments
about 10 regional championships 1975 Collegiate Championship
Regular Bridge Partners
Mike McGill( finesse 1) Terry Beckman (beckmt)
Favorite Conventions
drury, constructive raises, splinters, BOP doubles, support Dbls, baby NT
BBO Username
Tom Allan
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Allan-Loeb 2/1
2 over 1
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Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: K76 KQ96 T742 K9
U might Look Left Look Right here but I agree with Pass. I am not expecting a good score but if they have fixed us, we probably cannot do much about it bidding might only make it worse. Besides, we defend better than most
RIGAL Leads NA Swiss
lots of great players I would have thought would be in the Riesinger.
Today's Common Game Board 13-missed 3NT game
I a decent sized club game field, when u have the cards and do something reasonable, its rarely a 0. There will always be a couple or so pairs that do something silly so stopping in 3D is Ok. U will avg better than 50%.
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: KT963 AT6 74 Q64
I held this hand but never faced that decision as RHO over called 1 and I was able to show 5+ spades with 1. They raised and I had to decide what to do after pard bid 3 over 2.
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: AQ85 3 5 T985432
I held this hand but my RHO doubled 1 and I bid 1. They bid something and pard was able to make a support Dbl. I tried 5 as I knew my LHO would likely take the bait.
"Table feel"
At a St Louis Nats in early 70's John Crawford addressed the BOD about a hand where Cohen of Katz-Cohen Fame(infamy?) stared at a Kib for a long time before making a successful guess in a suit. This allowed his team to come from a long way down ...
Mike Bell's bidding problem: Q8765 KQ762 AK6 ---
I will be happy just to make 3!!!
Stuart King's bidding problem: 95 KT2 752 JT732
West guessed at the 3 level and guessed wrong or so I think I go for the throat
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: --- KQ97642 T9765 5
I kinda like 4 but if U do u have to pass the dbl
Finn Kolesnik's lead problem: T7 AT87652 42 K6
My hero cap says lead Club King but seems Heart Ace will help to decide if club King is good shift

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