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Tom Andrews
Tom Andrews
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Basic Information

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June 9, 2015
Last Seen
June 15
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Bridge Player
about me




I like Knockouts and will play Bracket 1 if that is where we are assigned.

Standard American (preferred in regular partnerships), 


UDCA 2ND/4TH (preferred)

Only 2600 master points, but 55 Blue Ribbon qualifications


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Bridge Accomplishments
Only 2500 master points, but 55 qualifications
Regular Bridge Partners
DON DALPE, Many others
Favorite Tournaments
Orlando, Bradenton, Gatlinburg, Syracuse/Rochester
Favorite Conventions
Muppet, Multi, Flannery 2H, Polish Carding
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
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Phil Geibel - Tom Andrews
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Teri Smoot - Tom Andrews
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Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
There are a couple situations I would like to see addressed in the new procedures. First, some method to differentiate between two conventional meanings for an alerted bid. Classic example is a 2 opener which is alerted. Common agreements could be Flannery, Mini-Roman, plus some less know varieties. Your ...
What's going on redux?
The magic bid is 5 (exclusion) over 3 assuming partner would never go past 5 with 0 key cards.
Muppet Stayman and Bidding Major 5-5s
Given that with most partnerships I play 1NT - 2, 2 ('s or 's + 's) - 2 denies four 's (2NT promises four 's) we extend concept to Muppet. So with four 's or four 's and five 's we start ...
Is this a way to run an organization?
To complete the baseball analogy, in addition to 100 mph major league fastballs, you will see cut fastballs, curves, sliders, screw balls, and change ups (i.e. complex systems) like you have never seen before. And you are probably not getting up if you are hit by a major league ...
What do you make of this?
If this is ACBL, I think the first question should be whether convention cards (which clearly indicate strong, limit, preemptive) were complete and visible. If not, attaching any negative consequences to asking is rewarding a pair for what is in essence a lack of disclosure. If cards were available, asking ...
Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
the three options are intended to not be equivalent. For example, a player who has accumulate 8,000 master points over many years but has only 40 ribbon qualifications could enter as 4,000 (100 X 40) to avoid being pushed into a high bracket. I would be 2400 master ...
Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
A simplistic experiment might be to allow players to choose between being bracketed based on a) master points B) Ribbon qualifications X 100 c) Gold points X 5 plus Platinum points X 10 These are all statistics which should be available in ACBL database. These options should accommodate players who ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
You understand correctly and I agree with your description of current procedure. But shouldn't the poll present the best information available at the table rather than assume the players being polled can see everything for themselves. Or at least ask a follow up question disclosing all possible information available ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Isn't the critical point of the auction that Levin would have made some move towards 7NT in match points if they held all four aces ? The fact he did not strongly hints the ace of diamonds is missing. I suspect that if polling had stressed the implications of the ...
Jump minor rebid in 2/1
I assumed the question referred to: 1 - 2 3 Which I think sets trump and asks for Major cuebid?

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