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Tom Carmichael
Tom Carmichael
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Aug. 9, 2010
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May 28
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Bridge Pro
United States of America

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National Champion, 2nd Spingold
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Ace Remembered
I had the honor of playing against Bobby a number of times early on in my career, but the most memorable was playing him in the finals of a KO when I was still a "pup" - my team ended up winning, which is what put me over 300 masterpoints and ...
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
Out of curiosity, can you give me a quick overview as to what you think is unusual? You stated it is Open legal, which means it likely involves artificial but constructive methods. I am interested in the details however since people often ask my take on the new charts.
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
I find the poll here somewhat flawed. I'd like to vote for things being in the ASF but not requiring defense, but that doesn't seem to be an option. (Requiring a defense for 1NT with a small singleton seems silly, that's the only exception to how I ...
General Conditions of Contest 2019 Revisions
Given the CoC for USBF events, I don't think having any artificial preempt in the SSF should be controversial. They would also appear on a WBF convention card as "Bids which may require special defense". Pre-alerts seem somewhat redundant to me with the SSF process of the USBF, but ...
General Conditions of Contest 2019 Revisions
As stated above, I don't agree with the final conclusion of the side-note. The charts are (mostly) silent on the issue of alerts, which was by design.
General Conditions of Contest 2019 Revisions
Missed this comment earlier - sorry for late reply. I know the paragraph you are referencing, but it doesn't actually explicitly state one way or the other what requires defenses or doesn't. It half-handedly states that the category of bids may require defenses / pre-alerts; it doesn't actually address ...
General Conditions of Contest 2019 Revisions
FWIW, the rules in ACBL land aren't super clear right now either. What I have given as my recommendation to senior ACBL directors is to make things which are Open+ legal but not Open legal require pre-alerts. This basically means artificial preempts, but notably NOT things like transfers over ...
The Time Has Come - PPs for the Soloway and changes to PPs required for byes
I think a 20% increase is reasonable. As Dave C. mentioned in the poll thread, this does make the number of PP available at the Fall NABC much larger than the others. Having said that, I strongly suspect that most teams which are bye candidates are going to be at ...
Final Review: 2018 General Conditions of Contest & Special Conditions of Contest for 2018 Open USBC
Feel free to do as you wish, but I would recommend using the Open+ chart throughout rather than limiting it to the KO phase. If the chart gets passed as written in Philly, the intent is the Open+ chart would govern regional open or higher events, both pairs and teams ...
Report on Sequestering Vote
I missed the vote, but I have no problems with the sequestering procedure. I think it is a fine way to avoid a theoretical dumping situation.

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