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Tom Edwards's bidding problem: K743 K 964 QT862
I strongly agree with Kieran that raising diamonds on the previous round is clear. That's the easiest way to reach the cold 6 with partner's hand: QJ9 A53 AKQ8732 --
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: J753 8 AK65 AJT5
Sorry, west did bid 2, not 2 as originally posted.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: K6 85 A8642 AQ64
I bid 3, mostly because I thought 4 might be the last making game, opposite pard's usual light opener. 3 showed no extras. In fact pard held AQ953 AK4 KJT9 J. We reached 6 making, as we would whatever I bid.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: A 76432 AK852 92
I think Double is more attractive If playing Equal Level Conversion.
When they X our 2!S transfer to !C
In an established partnership, I suggest the following: Opener's first obligation is to show a spade stopper. Without a stopper he must Pass. With a stopper, he makes his same bid as without the double. After opener's Pass, responder redoubles to re-transfer. Opener then makes the same bid ...
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: AQ8654 AKT6 3 K2
Do we interpret 5NT as: 1. Grand Slam Force 2. Pick a Slam 3. Generalized grand slam try?
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: Axx AK AKxxx Kxx
K&R = 22.0
Continuation after minor suit reverse
I play Ingberman, and the way I learned it, a bid of the unbid major, 2 in this case, is usually weak and denies a stopper in hearts. 2NT would be similarly weak, but would show a heart stopper.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: A72 JT65 A84 876
This was a 'sanity check'. I thought 2 was standard and obvious. My partner thought 1 was right, and when I gave the hand to several teaching pros, to my surprise, they agreed with him.
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: KQ KQT5 A63 J983
The hand really deserves a downgrade. KQ doubleton, isolated jack. K&R = 13.95. But everybody upgrades, hardly anybody downgrades.

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