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Tom O'Reilly-Pol
Tom O'Reilly-Pol
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Jan. 31, 2012
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Every time a squeeze comes together
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Bronze Life Master
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One board that cost us the Tournament
How could you get to the J? Shouldn't you have been out of after 2 rounds?
Simple queries
As if there were no X, natural NF, natural weak, 8-10HCP,natural weak
Robin Hillyard's bidding problem: KQ843 AKQT4 J8 7
I have to agree. Partner didn't raise or , didn't bid NT, and didn't redbid . There aren't a lot of shapes and strengths consistent with us finding a better contract. I imagine partner often has 9 or more minor suit cards here.
Your Friend
Yes, my question is why wasn't control an issue. South's suit is Q high, and North never showed a control. Did South assume North had to have one for last train?
Your Friend
Wouldn't 4NT by partner instead of 5 be better? We didn't splinter, so why aren't we off 2 tricks? Is the inference that we didn't ask for a control imply that we have one?
Rebid after J2NT
I think it's pretty obvious he's talking about standard Jacoby. The first pair go 1-2NT-3-3-4NT-5-6 seems pretty reasonable to me. Responder cooperated after a splinter, so shouldn't have much/any wastage in , and he did make a move. Also, you can ...
Rebid after J2NT
What gain would you have by showing aces at a low level? If all you need to know is number of aces, level shouldn't matter much. Showing shortness or a second suit allows you to find slams based on fit, not on power. This is a benefit you lack ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: A AT863 KQJT93 4
I'm not allowed to upgrade this hand into 1 for some reason?
John Diamond's lead problem: J843 T6 KQT2 KT3
I don't like leading my short suit here. Yes, the likely only 5 card suit for our side is . But they had a power auction to 3NT. There's no way we can set it up and get to it given the strength that I have. I go ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
On the strength weakness subject, when declarer stops to think on finesse situations, I used to consciously think the thing I wanted him to do (e.g. duck this to partner when I had nothing). I then switched to thinking the opposite (e.g. play to drop the honor in ...

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