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Tom Peters
Tom Peters
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Nov. 28, 2014
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about me

Living in Maryland with Mary, my wonderful wife and frequent partner.

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ATB oversave
Not all artificial bids. The ACBL bans psyching of artificial opening bids, artificial overcalls, and artificial responses below 2NT to opening bids and overcalls.
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
"The defense must be provisionally approved. A method is “provisionally approved” if an acknowledgement receipt was sent by the ACBL upon submission and either: (a) the committee sends an email granting provisional approval; or (b) it was submitted at least 30 days before the ACBL sanctioned event in which it ...
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
If you accept that agreeing to the 2 convention and using it are two separate infractions, then NOS is entitled to the best of 1) table result, 2) illegal agreement made but 2 not opened, and 3) no illegal agreement was made. In practice 2) would be North ...
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
Steve, notice that your B without A, opening the North hand with 2 without first agreeing to play 2 as conventional is not illegal.
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
How to adjust for two infractions. Suppose I abuse UI (infraction A) and on the next round of bidding I abuse UI again (infraction B). My score should be adjusted to the worst of three possible outcomes: 1. A happened and B happened: this is the table result. 2. A ...
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
I don't know what the Directors said but I think the following explanation is reasonable and agrees with what Michael has told us. In order to play this convention there must be an approved defense. That should not be an issue as there is already an approved defense for ...
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
It is a preempt under ACBl regulations regardless of the spade range: Definitions #22: “Preempt”: A jump bid (by either pair) that does not promise at least Average strength." There are two "Disallowed Opening Bids" rules on the Open+ chart that potentially apply to this agreement: "7. In segments of ...
NABC Appeal
A conclusion of "no damage" is not sufficient to complete the Director's job. The Director should still consider whether there has been an abuse of UI so serious that a PP is warranted. Only by considering the other three tests can he do that. For each of the other ...
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
How is that different from any MI or UI case? There is no such thing as certain knowledge of what would have happened if a bridge hand were played out a different way. The Director should identify likely possible results, assign them weights, resolve doubts in favor of the NOS ...
Ribbon events
Developing new arbitrary reasons why people cannot play in the events they want is not the way to improve player happiness, tournament attendance, or ACBL finances.
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