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Tom Townsend
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Dec. 9, 2010
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Bridge columnist, London Daily and Sunday Telegraph.

United Kingdom

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Young Chelsea, TGR
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Gerber, Flannery, Fruit Machine Swiss
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A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
I don't care for any hunting of witches. Will settle for the L&E to come up with a workable set of rules and put the issue to bed.
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Nickell would be playing for minus three IMPs in EBU-land, with or without my additions. I don't think it's a normal 2, but I would have to admit that it's not wholly unreasonable. Could call it a tactical bid, the kind the EBU wish disclosed.
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Just in the obvious way, by counting missing aces, kings and queens in the long-enough suits. I can't think of a reasonable 2 which would not be allowed with my additions. Can you?
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Yes, in addition to the current regulations.
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
I have proposed the following additions to the Blue Book regulations: (i) One may open a Strong or Acol 2C (or equivalent) without further disclosure on any nought or one-loser hand. (ii) One may do the same on any two-loser hand, providing it has four-plus controls.
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: J864 98 AK4 JT64
More interesting problem if partner backs in with a double.
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
If partner wants to be in game facing a 5431 11-count, he's made the wrong response.
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
I assume we're talking about five-card major systems. They don't often come in over a limit raise.
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
There's nothing wrong with bidding 1M-3M with three-card support. Opener does not need to know about trumps in advance of seeing dummy. What you lose on the slam hands you gain by telling them nothing on the ordinary 4M hands.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AJ5 AT64 A8 AQ93
Thank you for your useful advice, Kevin. I had a similar hand and a similar decision last weekend, went for slam and it was cold.
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