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Tomasz Twarog
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Feb. 15, 2011
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Jan. 21
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about me

Air traffic controller in Poland.

Have been playing bridge for about 15 years, mostly in local tournaments.


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Tomasz Twarog's bidding problem: KT85 AQ432 J J94
That's a good point, I think the two calls are close.
Tomasz Twarog's bidding problem: A32 KQ94 KQJ J86
Thanks for the comment. I've had a similar thought and will make a separate poll to cover that position.
Tomasz Twarog's bidding problem: K92 AJ642 T7642 ---
Thanks for the comments. 1NT would actually be non-forcing. I'll be more careful to include that in future polls.
Michael Rosenberg Elected to the Hall Of Fame
Science or Guess
It looks like 6 to me, although I can easily give partner a hand with which grand will be making.
Making 5!C
Difficult hand. Opps have 24 hcp and competed only to 2. At the same time both of them could bid spades at their first opportunity, but didn't. That suggests that spades are either 4-4 or N has weak 5. I ruff the J and play K, hoping it ...
minor slam ace asking!
Neither do I. But I'd say Turbo is reasonable.
What Match Do You Want to see on Vugraph Wednesday afternoon?
The "if there are no upsets" might be a big if... At halftime 14 out of 32 are out.
What is going on?
Steve, you're right. I thought about this hand myself a few minutes after posting the previous comment. In fact it's quite likely that with KJ10x AJxxxx Kxx - partner would bid more than 2. At the same time I wonder what the 3 bidder holds. I think ...
What is going on?
I think it's too late now. If you overtake the J with the ace and play 8 back, partner should find the heart switch. He needs both pointed kings for his opening, so there's no danger in this play.
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