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Tomaz Adamic
Tomaz Adamic
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Aug. 21, 2013
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Jan. 24
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What does 3!S mean?
Could pass over 2 not have been a "trap pass" ?
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
Emanuel Evacic's bidding problem: KJT62 73 K9 AKJ7
We play, that double here only shows 2 diamonds at most ...
Good Three Card Spade Raise After 1!H Opening When Playing Gazzilli
We play Gazzilli in combination with Kaplan Interchange.
Spiral Raises
Crunch Time
Apologies if I missed such iniciative, but does this situation not call for the pro community, to organise in some kind of an union? Then you could give guidelines to all others and those guidelines could not be ignored by event organizers. As for Sabine's stand point - I think ...
Jim Priebe's bidding problem: 53 KJT74 KQ6 KT9
I prefer 3 instead of 2. We play it as 4+ card fit, 9+ pts.
Tomaz Adamic's bidding problem: KQx xxxx KJxx Kx
We both passed for +50 and 8%
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
We play T-Walsh and have accepted the fact, that we often can't find optimal diamond part score contract. It is a negative side of the system. We would bid 1NT with 1st hand and 2 with the 2nd.
Value of Support Doubles?
We play supp X/XX, but not compulsory. We follow these rules: Supp X/XX apply when the opening bid was 1 level, responder bids 1M, RHO bids below 2M. Even if these conditions are met, opener does NOT bid supp X/XX if: - RHO bid 1NT - another bid by ...

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