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Tony Forrester
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Sept. 14, 2015
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ALT events -- one writer's perspective
Why not tell captains/sponsors, that the following players are not permitted entry, then list who you want to exclude.
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
I have never doubted your good intentions and your bravery in exposing cheating. My issue is really with those who jumped on the bandwagon solely to gain favour. They are really the ones who could back their previous rhetoric. Nobody can deny the debt we owe to you, if you ...
Anti cheating committee
Thereby making internet bridge a very poor relation to the real thing
Anti cheating committee
Btw, is it considered cheating to have your system file open at the appropriate page?
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
Boye, my apologies, one event, 7 years ago. Maybe I should correct to no event after the FAntunes scandal. Hope. I'm right this time. And to Geoff; correct.
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
Boye, No I haven't played in any such event
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
Not quite the point Mike. Leave the committee aside for one moment. Some players were vehement in stating they would withdraw from an event if a known cheat was allowed to participate. At least two are on that committee. Do you see any withdrawals?
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
So David, we should accept cheats because it is convenient to do so. And those who have set themselves up as being our moral compass can give themselves a pass because on this occasion THEY are affected. Does that sum it up reasonably well?
Anti cheating committee
3N is clearly a worse spot now, as the opening lead will probably hit partner's doubleton. A gamble really, if he has two clubs 3N is almost certainly best, otherwise 4S. 50/50 ish.
Anti cheating committee
A poorly conceived methodology imo. Of course we all approve of the objective, but that does not validate a cosy club drawing up their own rules. We must continue to work through the proper authorities and focus our efforts on producing a more streamlined, accountable and effective process. Huge strides ...

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