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Tore Skoglund
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Aug. 27, 2015
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Before Bridge becomes part of the Olympics, as a Norwegian, I would like to see roller skiing, roller skating, ski jump on plastic, etc become part of the Summer Olympics. At least we would have a chance to win some medals :-)
Tore Skoglund's bidding problem: KQ7 AT AT75 KQJ3
Sorry, the A and A was missing
Hussein - Sadek Lead LM Pairs
Really, still tractor-feed paper?
Fisher comments...
When you ignore factors you create a false truth. Last week I created a graph, at work, showing how good we are reaching target dates. I couldn't understand why the graph was so positive, when my impression was so different. When I realized that I had forgotten an important ...
Tore Skoglund's bidding problem: QT AKQ2 T73 9742
Antonio, with the actual layout you hit the jackpot (reaching 7). The hand was crazy and creating a definitive is impossible. The hand was played in the two top divisions in Norway, and the approach varied a lot. Your partners hand was AK98643, 987654, void, void. I guess I could ...
Tore Skoglund's bidding problem: QT AKQ2 T73 9742
Good question Christopher. With 1NT you denied a hand with 6/7 hearts and invitational. 4S is typically a hand with maximum one spade looser. 5H was not agreed, but understood by both as a slam try. I do not think you should bid 5H with a weak hand (and ...
Finding Piekarek-Smirnov cheating methods
I have looked at the BZ bidding from the Polish Premier league and taken screen shots. I find it easier to capture the bidding on these videos because of the high resolution. Maybe this could be a good place to start looking to get an idea about what is going ...
David Gold speaks on the England Review
Looks like the Gods are clearing the path for a Polish gold (no wordplay intended).
Helping Hand
I have been looking at 116 leads for the pair thanks to the work of the group facilitated by Hammond. Mind you, the work done by the group is not specific for one pair, but covers about 200 videos making it possible to look at who ever you want. It ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
If this was written in a Norwegian culture setting, I would think that it was a deliberate exaggeration meant as a wakeup call: asking if this is the way you want bridge to be played (Picturing a worst-case scenario). Because of possible culture barriers, it is hard for me to ...
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