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Trevor Morris
Trevor Morris
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March 5, 2012
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9 hours ago
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United Kingdom

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Trevor Morris's bidding problem: AQ65 A87652 --- T87
There was a little thought before 3NT was bid. Not a huge hesitation but a clear pause.
Summer NABC Wrapup
Hardly rocket science. The EBU has allowed online entries to events prior to the start for some time. You pay for your own as does your partner. Who is playing with who gets sorted out with no trouble from my experience.
Trevor Morris's bidding problem: AQJxx Ax x AKQT9
best X is a 7. I opened 1 my partner said she would have opened 2 but I can see an auction like 2 2 2 3 leaving me poorly placed
Apologies to partner
I am confused here. I can't imagine it as anything other than a cue bid. I don't see why one would introduce a new suit at the 4 level opposite a 3S pre-empt. OTOH you are much better than me so there clearly is a reason. If you ...
What should the selectors do?
Misposting in and of itself does not mean I am unable to read
What should the selectors do?
perhaps not, I was looking for the "Just bridge" thread
What should the selectors do?
(from the UK) I learn that the good players who open a 15-17 NT can have 14 points. They can have 11 points for their 5-9 weak 2 in 3rd position. I am apparently supposed to know this. Disclosure - bah
Trevor Morris's bidding problem: T97 QJ52 AKQ987 ---
I'm afraid not, no special agreements after 4.
Good Bridge, Sound Bridge, Winning Bridge - Define Your Terms
In my experience it is the partners of overbidders who develop such skills fastest.
Colin Simpson 1948-2018
Very sad, a gentleman who was always helpful. Best wishes to Juliana

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