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Uday Ivatury
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May 24, 2012
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ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
All tables play each board at the same time. So with 8 tables, and (say) 24 boards, isn't a simple 8-round movement, 3 boards a round, good enough ? Likewise with 6 tables, 6 rounds of 4 bds each?
Gatlinburg regional (4/20-26/2020) is NOT cancelled
D7 probably (given the tone of the OP, obviously) can't cancel Gatlinburg w/o paying hotels/convention centers, unless their contractual arrangement has an escape clause ( for instance, can't hold the convention because the Gov said large gatherings are banned, as it just did in New York State ...
Moving Club Online Temporarily
This might orient a new Tourney host / owner / TD This might help your new (to BBO) players This is a more detailed guide for the TD In ...
Olympic status. At what cost?
Where would one find details on the privacy policies associated with this TUE exemption ? Someone with a sensitive medical condition might well not want to send in details that could be chuckled over by people in shared social/professional circles. Perhaps the WBF has some sort of "wall" that prevents ...
ACBL Team cost vent - if it's as stupid as it looks. I'm hoping I was wrong.
ACBL also adds a surcharge ($4) per player for non-ACBL members. Don't recall if it is per session/day.
Did REACH Discriminate Against ACBL Members?
Linda, you seem very certain that something about the "illegal" REACH is against "Association Law", and risks the ACBL's "non profit" status. A citation by either you or Brian would be useful. As a fellow BOG member, I'd vastly prefer data to speculation, accusation, assumption. If the data ...
Finesse or not?
If declarer isn't going to finesse now, he/she should have drawn trump and played DA, DT; having taken risks playing for the OT earlier, seems inconsistent to deviate from that plan now.
History resource
Don, Thanks for that bit of history. You said that the BOG once had the power to ratify (or, presumably, reject?) BOD motions. Today, the BOG has no such power. Assuming I understood you properly, when/how did this change? AFAICT, the power of the BOG is primarily the power ...
The GNT's, a modest proposal
BBO does not, nor has it ever, charged a fee for running a GNT/NAP. Sometimes we pass on the BBO-TD costs to the organizer, sometimes we subsidize the event by paying the TDs ourselves. Most Districts don't have anyone who's sufficiently familiar w/BBO to run their ...
Online substitute for dealmaster pro?
This is a version of the usual BBO dealer tool that supports the tricks( ) function, allowing you to do some of what you're talking about . Small machine. Url may change later. Seems to work. Drop me an email w ...

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