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April 17, 2016
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Is this what bridge has become?
When you have all the remaining tricks, which is quite often the case in a claim situation, an opponent's revoke is meaningless.
What's Your Play from Dummy?
The odds that someone leads low from AQJxx with an outside ace seem pretty low to me.
Is this upgradeable?
So, it is not about upgrading, because it is worth an upgrade to 15-17?
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
@David: If declarer's statement how they were going to play is irrelevant, then why is it so important that they make one?
Plan the play
If LHO has K, they know from the bidding that AQ will appear in dummy. Some opponents might be inclined to lead something else hoping to establish a trick, other opponents might lead a heart hoping to mislead you.
Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.
I have seen someone double 6NT holding two aces. Yes, he was on lead. No, he didn't lead one. At trick 12, he was successfully memory squeezed for an overtrick.
Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.
Fourth best lead. Just yesterday I have seen someone lead the 7 from J1097x. Declarer with Q8 in dummy and Axx in hand tried the queen, understandably. In the 7 hand, finessing is a no win play - if the finesse is right, RHO can ruff.
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
Some players might bid 3 with xxx xxxxx xxxx x.
Origin of the Phrase Double Dummy
"It was double-dummy. One in front of me, and one to my left." (Chthonic, The Principle of Restricted Talent)
Encrypted Quantum Sweep Cuebids
Is there a structural difference between 1) A bid showing either of - A and A, but neither A nor A - A and A, but neither A nor A and 2) A bid showing either of - A, K and A, but not A - A and A, but neither K nor A ...

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