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Ulrich Voigt
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April 17, 2016
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Partner misdescribed my bid. Did I do the right thing?
In the second hand, I agree that you have acted correctly in view of your UI. However, there is still the matter of MI; with correct explanation, I doubt the opponents would have reached 6. Without seeing the full hand this is of course impossible to judge, but I ...
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: KT Jxx A9xx 9xxx
What if I disagree with both pass and 2? I would have bid 3 at either opportunity.
Brilliant bid by Polish youngster
So it's a slam on a finesse?
Non-comparable call question.
"Easy on club directors?" Not at all. I had many situations where players simply didn't understand the consequences of the available choices. And for the typical 70+ year old club player, I don't blame them.
Non-comparable call question.
A strong jump shift to 2, if they play them, will surely be comparable.
Despite its name the LOTT is not exact science. If North holds a singleton heart, the opponents might have the following hands: xx KQxx xx KJxxx opposite x AJxx Jxxxx AQx 4 can't be defeated, even a 4-1 trump break won't be a problem. However, the opponents ...
And how would your judgement help South to determine whether North holds a single heart, in which case it is easily possible that both contracts make?
Prahalad Rajkumar's bidding problem: --- KQTx QJ9854 KQ6
If you were partnering me, you would very quickly become declarer in 4.
Play Problem
But we don't know if they can cash enough clubs to beat us. West could hold AK, for example.
Play Problem
A single Q works as well - 2+4+3.

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