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April 17, 2016
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The case for zero-max IMPs - part 2
From a recent club tournament: 65 AK1074 KJ42 Q10 opposite A843 9863 A6 AJ4 Every pair unlucky enough to sit East-West in this board will lose either 14 or 11 IMPs, depending on whether they bid 4 or 6. Unless they happen to overbid to the cold grand ...
The case for zero-max IMPs - part 2
It as also easy to find an example where your scoring method is unworkable, and yet you claim it is superior.
Board 3 Day 1 Session 1 LM Pairs
Do you want to include random pauses of 2 minutes, or how else are they supposed to remove the UI in this hand?
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
What does "with the illegal convention" mean? There are always negative inferences. When in an earlier hand a member of the offending pair found the winning defense because his partner did not open 2, how do you proceed? And how do you even find out?
2!H MP play problem
I think I'll delay drawing trumps for now and start with a diamond at trick 2. It is very likely that opener has A, so I will save K as an entry for Q later.
Director Ruling: First ever situation
Yes, silly me - I confused the situation with a claim by defender.
Director Ruling: First ever situation
West certainly didn't claim or concede anything, he merely agreed to declarer's claim (or maybe he didn't); Law 63A3 doesn't come into play. The revoke isn't established via Law 63A4, because East didn't agree to the claim. Therefore, the revoke is not established and ...
Trump leads against part-scores?
Depending on your holding, leading through dummy's suit is also an option. If declarer is short in that suit, you might be able to attack declarer's trump length.
NABC Appeal
Ah, of course.
NABC Appeal
Can South be sure the Lebensohl suit can no longer be clubs? What minor length did 2 promise?

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