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Veljko Vujcic
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Oct. 11, 2010
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represented Serbia on international level
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bridge experts with gambling addiction?
There are people who are open about their gambling (or addiction) - e.g George Jacobs is a public GA advocate. It's great when someone has the courage to share such experiences. For the "knowledge" part, it's not so simple as "yes" or "no". Such things as positive example ...
A potential cheating story without any clues, how about that BW?
Hah, no, although I thought about that. "Reverse Idiot" would be in fact a Grosvenor, because there's no rationale in finessing on the first round. Even if opp was capable of doing that, he/she would do it only against top player as a fun of sorts. And they ...
How would you rule?
Please add option "other". I'd bid 5 with N's hand knowing partner is short in spades, my points are in partner's suit and we have 10+ clubs. However I can imagine PASS is a logical alternative and South's tank is very unhygienic. As a TD ...
How would you rule?
NS turned good luck into bad and shouldn't be rewarded for that. E behaved consistently throughout the bidding so I see no reason for a split score. I even think it's wimpish to call TD after opening 2 with 5 cards.
It's That Man Again!
Anti-Doping Violation by Geir Helgemo results in Team Zimmerman disqualification from Orlando Rosenblum Cup
A comment on Fox News: "Isn’t the average Bridge player already a walking pharmacy?"
Restricted choice: real life example
I've always thought how QJ example is terribly wrong for explaining restricted choice. There's no objective pressure, no skill involved and it's just (cheap) psychology. Numbers that finesse is twice better (of course not everybody claims this) is just plain BS. "Real" restricted choice, similar to Monte ...
Restricted choice: real life example
Restricted choice is overrated :)
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Andy, your comment only proves how desperately the book is needed.
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Someone ought to write a good book on breaking tempo and change this game forever. Also on the aspects when it`s ok to break tempo and how to know the difference.

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