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Vigfus Palsson
Vigfus Palsson
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Jan. 12, 2013
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an hour ago
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Bridge Director

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Finessing for the 8 of diamond, for making 9 tricks in 3 clubs. 35 years ago - and it was guessing.
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Bridgefélag Reykjavíkur
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
2 diamond bid weak
No convention card at the table. North thought the 2 diamond bid was weak, South ment it defenetly forcing.
Should score be adjusted?
Nothing useful on the Convention card
Should score be adjusted?
I did not ask these questions.
Missing alert
Hi Henrik English is not my language. Perhaps I misunderstand. But when some information are gathered by letting the opp's going into an unethical trap, (on purpose or not) my understanding is that is UI. In this case, I see MI, by not alerting 2, leading to the ...
Missing alert
Hi Ed One of my favorite law is 12A1 This law is used when a TD does not find the right law to rule, although everything says that justice can not be redressed by othert methods. I have used 12A1 a few times in my 12 years as TD, and ...
Missing alert
Here in Iceland, the alert rules are... A bid (call, double, redouble and PASS) is alertable if it includes information which is probably unknown to the opp's. It also includes a responsibility for the alerting side to offer announcement of the alert to the opp's. So if this ...
Majors - Minors - 2NT
Brown stickers are allowed here in Iceland. So nothing illegal here.
Bid out of turn ???
Who is guilty for this mess ? It is the South player. If he had put the board properly on the table, we would not be talking about this, and I am sure that South did this unintentionally. Now East falls into this unintended mousetrap and opens out of turn. (of ...
Ethical problem
In my opinion, there is no question of UI by the 2-3 minutes thinking at trick 1. Did South use the UI ? Yes. So we adjust the score.
3 Hearts raise
I forgot to mention. Teams tournament. IMP's

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