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Vigfus Palsson
Vigfus Palsson
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Jan. 12, 2013
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Aug. 7
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Bridge Director

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Finessing for the 8 of diamond, for making 9 tricks in 3 clubs. 35 years ago - and it was guessing.
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Bridgefélag Reykjavíkur
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I am sitting in my chair, relaxing, and then I see this peeking. This is something that almost no TD is prepared to deal with right on the spot. Of course I was shocked. I know this person. I had never seen anything unethical from him before. The board had ...
the board had not been played
2 diamond bid weak
Hi Ian CC's were probably not required, although this was international tournament ( I was not a TD there ) It does not matter what the actual agreement is, when they can not give the TD proof of it. It does not matter what west thinks about his final pass.
2 diamond bid weak
No convention card at the table. North thought the 2 diamond bid was weak, South ment it defenetly forcing.
Should score be adjusted?
Nothing useful on the Convention card
Should score be adjusted?
I did not ask these questions.
Missing alert
Hi Henrik English is not my language. Perhaps I misunderstand. But when some information are gathered by letting the opp's going into an unethical trap, (on purpose or not) my understanding is that is UI. In this case, I see MI, by not alerting 2, leading to the ...
Missing alert
Hi Ed One of my favorite law is 12A1 This law is used when a TD does not find the right law to rule, although everything says that justice can not be redressed by othert methods. I have used 12A1 a few times in my 12 years as TD, and ...
Missing alert
Here in Iceland, the alert rules are... A bid (call, double, redouble and PASS) is alertable if it includes information which is probably unknown to the opp's. It also includes a responsibility for the alerting side to offer announcement of the alert to the opp's. So if this ...
Majors - Minors - 2NT
Brown stickers are allowed here in Iceland. So nothing illegal here.

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