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Vikrant Mehta
Vikrant Mehta
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July 17, 2012
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Aug. 14, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

Hi, I am a 28 year old bridge player in Mumbai! I have been playing bridge for last 5 years and am always enthu for it!


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Few regional wins! twice in top 5 at nationals!
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Currently no one!
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system lover... far too many to choose one
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Steve Weinstein's lead problem: A9654 AQ5 8 AQ95
So, what was the full hand?
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: Ax Q9xxx Kx 9xxx
Is it just me who disagrees with 2 bid? I like 1nt as better response to 1s announcing my values and stoppers
Well done guys! Wish you the best for the rest of the event!
Open Wroclaw Discussion Thread
I just hope it wasnt through Bridgewinners voting!
Open Wroclaw Discussion Thread
How was the team USA selected? Such abysmal performance from USA was never expected!
Prepare the Strip
I am definitely suprised with North's pass of 5 opposite a splintered partner! Usually the dbl of ops bid above your game level after a slam interest is shown by your partner means that no interest, pass says i m interested, and bidding definitely means offence! Why is ...
Sign-off, invite or drive to game
I m bidding 3nt over 1nt!
The Fight for 3!d
Loved the article! Keep up the good work!
How would you use the UI
We have to try here to be unethical at bridge table and defeat the contract! What is the correct lead to do that? Well, dummy is damn sure of 6c so dia shortness is out of question for partner! But he took a pause at 6c and not doubled...huh ...
Kaustabh Nandi's bidding problem: J875 6 KJ85 JT76
opponents have a huge heart fit and if 2h is just a single suiter bid, I am happy passing 4H vul. If 2H is hearts + some suit i am willing to sacrifice!

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