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Vincent Kroes
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Feb. 17, 2014
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April 5
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The Cowboy and the Lady
Well played by Meike. About her book on bridge: isnt kxxxxx xxx xxx x a clear double? If you double partner doesnt give away the position of the Q with a spadelead. Still, if declarer knows that east knows.. etc. , etc....
-500, ATB
Didn't know that was possible. Next time I certainly will.
The same psych at three tables
This post more or less summarizes the problem discussed elsewhere. If a group of players (in this case good, young players) think it's normal to open 1NT with 0 counts white vs red in 3rd position, pds (who belong to the same group) will anticipate better than opponents who ...
To Sabine and Roy
Nobody knows who would have won if the score after round 7 had been correct. Dynamics are different if you are trying to close the gap to the first place instead of defending the first place. It's a pitty, but there is no "right thing to do".
European Team Championships/Open: Your Predictions
Are kibitzers allowed when Russia and England play each other? My best guess 1) Poland 2/3/4 (random order) England, Netherlands, France.
For a Few Dollars More
I remember the hand. I should have lead the ace of diamonds. Stupid mistake......
Bridge Without the Blue Team
Who cares. I still like "Bridge with the Blue team" and the way 5C was or wasn't made......
Vincent Kroes's lead problem: T2 QT74 AT97 752
Probably not last years best leadproblem. Pd had KJxxx of diamonds. A diamondlead was necessary to beat the contract. I wondered if people would try the diamond ace at trick one to keep options open.
Italian team
If you have plans to produce something in Holywood please realize that the movie will only be suitable for adults. It will be too much for children that some characters get cruelly eliminated by a Wizard of Oz lookalike.....
Finding Piekarek-Smirnov cheating methods
I don't see two brothers in spirit. I see one natural born cheater (F) and S who looks really uncomfortable and embarrassed. If you look at it it's very well possible that he was wondering how thing got this far. Let's hope that some cheaters will tell ...

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