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Best of luck ladies..hope it's a successful and enjoyable tourney. Also to all the members of other teams. Go Aussies!
Bd 6 September 10
Definitely improves the N hand hearing S’s spade splinter. Thanks Barb for the input.
Board 6/22 next few weeks
Hi Pele, I've just returned from O/S and sorry all for the board 8's we missed. Couldn't always get it together unfortunately. I'm happy to do Bds 6 and 22. Hope you have a successful and enjoyable trip. Best of luck to all the Aussie ...
Board 8 - 27th August
I don’t think 4S is right. I bid it very quickly looking at Tx but I’ve nothing more and a balanced hand. Also after East has bid 3D’s partner should feel she can get her suit in and I won’t get carried away. I regretted it ...
Board 32, Aug 6th
oh phew....I passed with the North hand and after the auction was passed out in 3's I felt very wimpish. Glad to hear pass is to be considered.
Hand 6 - 30 July
Exactly what happened at our table and 10 tricks made.
Hand 11, 30 July 2019
I also opened the N hand 1 and Sue also led my suit. She did well and held up the A so declarer had no entry to dummy to collect his 5th trick. He came to 9 tricks.
Brd 27 June 25 BB 2007 Sweden V Netherlands 6/6
Glad for your comments Andy... Our auction went as above but after 3 I x'd as north thinking it was auto.
Good luck to our Australian Women's team for the PABF
Best of luck girls! Go get ‘em
Board 27, 28 May
We had an auction that went 1 - (1) - 1 ('s) - (X) - Sue XX showing support. I bid 2 which felt like an underbid. 3's from East and Sue bid 3. I had an easy raise to 4's.

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