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Brd 6 May 21 BB 2007 Sweden V Netherlands
Sue opened the South hand 2 5/4+ non vul. 2NT from me enquired about her second suit and strength. She showed a weak opening with 's - I bid 4. If she'd shown a strong hand with clubs could I have have looked for slam? I ...
Last session
I'll put it up for you Meg, you can add your write up to it in the comments section.
Board 13 May 21st BB 2007 Sweden Netherlands
After a 1NT opening I bid 2NT in the pass out seat. Like you Sheila I thought it might be in trouble but I remembered our lesson - don't defend 1NT with a singleton. At least I'd have the jury on my side if we went for a bath.
Bd 24 Norway vs USA2 14th May
I like 2
Board 27, 14 May
Thanks Marianne, wondered how I was able to export our hand without a hitch when others were having trouble! I was considering opening 1 in 3rd seat when I remembered we have a 2 opening 5/4+ at this vul. Didn't stop our ops reaching 4 ...
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: Axxx xx QJxx AJx
In all my partnerships the second X says "please bid". If I didn't have an obvious bid I would pass. If partner has the shape/values to make another t/o X I believe 4 is making. We may be taking 4 off a couple but might ...
Bd 3 BB May 7th Netherlands vs USA 2
We played in 4's by South after Sue opened 1 and I showed 4+'s with 1. I accepted the invite reluctantly as I often do, not great with that green card! The play went A followed by the 2. East ducked and ...
Board 8 - 7th May
2 - I was keen to bid it, but it seemed too much at equal vul.
Board 24, April 30 - Posting for Viv
I opened the N hand 1, East bid 4, X from S 4 ended the auction. A was led dropping the K and then switch to the K. 12 tricks for a flat board from memory. Am tech challenged more than usual on my ...
Brd 6 Apr 23 Poland V Sweden
We had a good auction to 6's but didn't get a overcall. After Sue opened 1, 2 (10+) Sue showed 17+. When I asked about her shape she showed shortage.

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