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Vlad Posea
Vlad Posea
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 22, 2011
Last Seen
Oct. 5, 2018
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Bridge Player
about me

I play for about 5 years and i love this game:)


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
when i first qualified to a national A final, 2008, after 1-2 years of bridge
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd in the national individual championships 2010, qualified in the A final pairs 2011, 14th @individual 2011
Regular Bridge Partners
Alexandru Mugioiu, Vlad Rusu
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Locomotiva -
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
fantunes 2nd level openings
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Vlad Posea - Alex Mugioiu
2 over 1
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Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
The text of this Convention Chart should be given on any thread where it's discussed why people do not play bridge anymore.
Trapped By The Old Mind Syndrome
I played for a few months in ACBL land and I had the great fortune to have a really great partner. I played 1 sectional pairs, 1 regional pairs, a lot of evening games and a few afternoon games in Rochester NY, Buffalo and San Francisco. I was shocked at ...
Alfredo Versace Future
this video explains very well UK & sports:
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
i played in the us for 4 months, weekly at the bridge club. I opened 1nt on every 4441 hand that I had. Nobody ever noticed, sometimes not even partner.
Vlad Posea's bidding problem: A9852 J32 Q5 T53
So the expert analysis of the bidding was this: Don't laugh too hard
BBO format
i tried several times to use the web based client. I have some experience with web software and with HCI (human-computer interaction) and I much prefer the old version from this point of view. I find it much less crowded, more intuitive, and the color combinations less tiring after long ...
Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
send a memo asking for the suspension of the football club because there's always the chance that a pale of wind changes the result of a game.
What hasn't been said yet
sanya open pairs: out of 202 pairs 60 were from China, 5 from TPE, 1 mixed; Philadelphia open pairs: out of 250 pairs 78 were from the USA and another 16 had 1 US player.
What hasn't been said yet
For some it is considered freedom of expression and debatable topics. For the rest they are considered cheating accusations and banned. Popularity based rules, nothing new.
BW Bridge Polls Feedback Request
I just look at how the world class guys that i'm watching are voting. I'm not really interested that I voted the same as 50% of the voters if all the top guys voted for something else.

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