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Vlad Rusu
Vlad Rusu
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Feb. 24, 2012
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July 25, 2018
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Bridge Player
about me

36 years old. Playing bridge since 2001.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Leading an obvious singleton with no trumps either causing the declarer to misjudge the trump position
Bridge Accomplishments
1st place Teams Winter's Cup 2010
Favorite Conventions
Intermediate Jump Overcall + Roman Jump Overcalls
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Vlad Rusu
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Oren Kriegel's lead problem: 752 J742 Q62 873
So 54% (so far) or the participants would deliberately lead against the agreements just to make the lead more readable. Hmmm
Vlad Rusu's bidding problem: J KQJT93 KQJT K5
Partner had one ace, fit, a few spades and some soft values and optimistically assumed 2 key-cards and a void for my 5 bid. RHO had AKQxxxxxx (9 spades) and Ax in hearts and pessimistically assumed 3 key-cards and a void for our combined 6 bid ...
Vlad Rusu's bidding problem: J KQJT93 KQJT K5
Thank you for your feed-back. In case you are wondering they do have 3 Aces but cannot make 6. Leading the J results in -2 as the dummy is singleton in both majors.
Diversity in bridge
We also need people with lower IQ to join in as the smart ones are hard to beat.
How good is your memory for discards?
Adriano, What do you do if the first 12 cards are 10 and 2? 2A00? Thanks
Nominate a New Name for Fantunes
I have been playing the system for about 5 years and I have the same problem. I am calling it "Cheater's Club" and try to make it sound like a joke...
John Miller's lead problem: K96 Q98 AT3 QJ76
I chose Q because David Burn wrote a book.
An Overcall Structure (John Fout)
I like OS very much and still play some simplified version of it mostly to avoid disasters due to forgetfulness. If you are disciplined with the Intermediate Jump Overcalls they are particularly effective as your side know where it is, while the opponents feel robbed and tend to overbid.
Fantunes in Action
Could someone please give an example of a hand where one should bid differently if RHO is known not have a 4441 pattern as opposed to a hand where RHO might have 4441 pattern (systemically of course)?
Vlad Rusu's lead problem: QJ A83 A87 KJ982
I knew exactly what to lead. The fact that it back-fired created the premises to open the poll.

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