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Vladimir Machat
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March 30, 2013
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A bridge player, TD, club manager, youngster coach


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What Should This Cue Bid or Double Mean?
I prefer to have one type of agreement over their many possible variations. If some of them play short 1, I need natural 2 and 5-4 is enough.
What Should This Cue Bid or Double Mean?
Their double often promises but not necessarily . Our side still can have majority of strength. I am not worried to play in 4-4 fit even if the suit splits 4-1. Compare to: 1 - X - 1 - X 1N/2/2 - 2 where responder's ...
Trouble with doubles
T/O. A hand with 4 spades, 3 hearts (maybe Fx doubleton) and probably a club fragment, which makes club shortness in partner hand more probable. Looks for protection against repeated forcing club plays. Partner need not to be worried if he has 6card suit.
1!C balanced or !Cs with transfer responses, 1!D unbalanced
In my favourite structure are hands handled with 2 transfer. 1 is transfer to NT (right-siding!) or . Minor transfers are Inv+ and do not exclude major length, but minor is always longer. It is quite natural approach. 2 shows Inv+ with both minors.
ATB Time
Hi Yu, I like your description of common competitive practices, something I used to call "rules of positional bidding". Still, I would like to ask you which tool you use when you get, say, 2=5=2=3 13-count after 1D-1S-3D auction to you, 1 overcall being such wide-and-free ...
ATB Time
Regarding 1 vs. X, I am strongly in favour of X. Do you overcall with KJ987 A65 85 J95? If so, how do you handle such wide range? Regarding implication of 3N, in the context it has to be based on running suit. With 18-19 balanced, W should ...
ATB Time
Yu, I agree completely with your assesment of 2 call. Regarding 3 vs. 3N, how do you get into 3N after W bids 3 in case 3N is right? Do you think 3N will be wrong if E has the hand you suggest, i.e 5card suit ...
Systems on?
In one of my partnership it will be easy (I hope). First, we have a meta-rule to keep "system-on" whenever possible, from obvious reasons. Second, we play a form of Heeman over 1NT, not regular Stayman. 2 is puppet to 2, nothing changes. We also play a lot ...
A Comprehensive System of Responses to 1NT
In my textbook: - 3/3 = transfer shortness, not fragment. Opener accepts transfer with no wasted values and slam expectations. 4m is possibly to play, with wasted values but unable to stand the lead in 3N. 5m shows big fit but weak controls. - 3 = both minors, 4432 or ...
Trial Bid after 1M-2M
I strongly believe in natural calls. After 1-2, opening side still can have 5-6 fit and only 5-3 fit. In which one would you like to play? For me: 1 - 2 - 2 = nat 1 - 2 - 3 = nat. 2NT = general game ...

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