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W J Sund
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Minimum off shape TO?
The closest I know of is in ACBLs "Conventional Wisdom" series. --- Minimum Offshape Takeout A takeout double of an opening bid usually shows a hand with opening values and shortness in the opener’s suit. It also suggests support for the unbid suits. Some players,however, will make a takeout ...
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: AT2 T62 QT92 852
Doesn't Sheehan's Law indicate we need a bit more?
a seldom discussed sequence
Interesting. I would have thought Bergen would use "Bypass NT" opposite a passing partner to show a shorter side suit and save Good-Bad for when partner has enough to respond.
Is it forcing?
Ed - I'm not quite following. I still read the BWS agreement as I quoted as being forcing rather than not quite forcing??
Is it forcing?
It's forcing in some standards. Bridge World Standard When our preemptive opening is doubled: (a) Responder's redouble is strength-showing, temporarily suggests playing for a penalty, and creates a force to the next level of opener's suit. (b) Responder's simple new-suit bid below game is forcing, but ...
Forcing or nonforcing 4!D?
Edgar Kaplan had 'intended as forcing' sprinkled helpfully through his notes.
Searching for a book
Yes, that's the book. Michael touched on how EK used it repeatedly to expose several NT techniques from both sides of the table. EK said 'you'll get sick of this hand.'
Forcing or not ?
2 is extra but non-forcing for us ( unlike in non-competitive auction) and nothing happened since then to create a force to 5m. The 3 preference cheered opener into taking a shot at getting to 3NT and when that didn't work then bailing out into the 'safety' of ...
First Choice - Second Choice - and....
4 is a COG by our partnership agreements and seems bang on with this hand.
BBO Bots score 70% at the club
The bots play at a club here. Usually 10 tables. I checked the last 6 times they played - their worst result was 58% and the others range to high 60's. Majority of the players are silver life masters + or close.

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