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Walter Fontaine
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Aug. 9, 2010
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Jan. 31, 2012
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What's your bid?
This deal from a club game which I directed is quite interesting. South deals and the NS cards are as follows 43 Q95 A73 QJ975 A5 AKT764 Q6 AK2 Obviously there are three cold grand slams. Nobody reached any of them and some were even in game.I would be ...
What is the best way to bid these hands?
Very interesting.Did this occur more than once?
Ethics At the Club
They cannot outlaw Psychs but it is probably illegal to psych in the same situation in the same manner more than once. Also psychic conventional bids are taboo. However , even that does not outlaw semi pschs such as bidding 2NT asking for a feature when you could not care less ...
How far do we take shape opposite strength?
I would jump shift to 3C intending to rebid clubs if I do not get heart support.
What is the worst call in this auction
I agree with the majority that 3D was a bad call,but in context South should have bid 3Nt, which is not a bad contract. That is why I believe that 4D was worst than 3D because it was the last clear chance to a disaster. I hope the failure ...
Appeal case #3 in NABC, 2010 at Orlando
Good question. There was once a 5 and 5 rule that stated that you could bid with fewer than five HCP by agreement if you marked it on your card , but you could not use conventions to cater to this. It is a slippery slope between that 3 count and ...
Three Decisions
Very interesting deal. Thanks for sharing.
Strong but How Strong?
After the fit-showing 4C, if I get a 4H signoff, I will cuebid 5d. If pard bids 5D, I punt with 5H. If partner cue bids 4S, I bid 5NT.
Matchpoints 9 card suit
I am probably going there eventually, but may not buy the contract. I might not buy it anyway, but the opponents will surely be guessing, whatever they do.
What's your lead?
I will lead the 10 of spades. I am not convinced that the double of 4 diamonds was a good call. North was going to be on lead in any case. If we are playing against experts scare doubles of thisd kind rarely are effective. I assume the form of ...

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