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Warren Spector
Warren Spector
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June 22, 2010
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Jan. 5
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Gold Life Master
Warren Spector-Bjorn Fallenius
2 over 1
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Sunday National Swiss Scores on
Much appreciated, thank you, Jan.
Congratulations to Coren and Levin
Awesome finish. Congratulations. Was that the highest score ever in a Platinum Pairs final round?
USA-2 Diary, Day 7 - Just missed
Where do I find the Butlers?
USA Venice Cup team member (Migry) denied visa to Indonesia?
I am outraged by this. What does it take to move this to another venue? Is money needed? I will volunteer to make the first contribution. How about if all the American teams withdraw and offer to contribute the difference in airfare to Bali and airfare to the new location ...
Hugh Williams's bidding problem: K AKQT64 Q765 AT
I bid 7C to give partner a choice between 7D and 7NT. I think he'll know to value hearts. If he thinks I'm offering a choice between 7D and 7H, that's ok, I'll bid 7NT over 7H.
Shh, Joe Boo is Listening
Yes, I apologize if i gave the impression I was criticizing Brad's line. I was only thinking what i would play if i had the inference of a bad break from the bidding.
Shh, Joe Boo is Listening
On a heart lead, I play a small to the Jack
Swiss Teams, Partner opens 1NT
I plan to bid diamonds at my next opportunity, so partner will play me for either 5134, 5125 or 6124. I need him to evaluate his hand and jumping to 4 just takes away too much room.
2011 LMs Play Problem
I play LHO for Kx(xxx) of Diamonds and 4 clubs or QJ10(x) of clubs. So I win the club K, enter hand with the heart Q, finesse the heart J if necessary, then back to hand in clubs to finesse the diamond. On the run of the hearts ...
SPECTOR Wins 2011 GNTs
Mike, I think Robinson's 4S was not a cue bid but RKC and 5H showed 2 plus the Q.

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