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How should the director rule
"3C was alerted as showing both majors. (which apparently was a correct systemic explanation, however West forgot the system and actually had a seven card club suit) 4C was explained as showing a very big hand, still with the majors 5C was explained as looking like he actually has had ...
2H means?
It certainly seems like north would raise if south had shown diamonds.
2H means?
Only Nab for Netherlands opened (and won the board) versus Sweden.
How Likely to Make?
Whatever your methods are you should play the reverse.
How Likely to Make?
Most simulations do not give you single dummy results.
I use dealer. Dealer is used by BBO when you customise hands at a bidding or teaching table. So you might be familiar with how to write constraints.
Two Step Slam Dance
Interesting. For me there is no unbalanced hand that raises 1M to 4M, where unbalanced is defined as a hand with a singleton or void. I would always splinter with the unbalanced hand. Therefore my 4M raises are always some 4432 or rarely 4333 or 5422 shapes.
Trivial - NO, something worse than trivial
Paul I looked at only one hand for each deal in the simulation. Looking at all four hands would not alter the expectation over multiple trials. In each deal there would be some dependency but if looking at one hand over n trials would give an accurate estimation then looking ...
Trivial - NO, something worse than trivial
I didn't do my Monte Carlo simulation that way. I dealt 10 million hands using the dealer program. I put no constraint on the hands, so the program looked at every hand dealt. For each hand I checked the north hand for hits. A similar technique to what you ...
Trivial - NO, something worse than trivial
I am relieved thanks for the corrections.

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