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Is a change of call by offender after Law 21 Misinformation considered a Law 26 Call Withdrawn
That depends on what "without other rectification for his side" means.
Is a change of call by offender after Law 21 Misinformation considered a Law 26 Call Withdrawn
I can see both sides. If Law 26 was intended to apply only to Insufficient Bids then it could have said something more clear like "When an insufficient bid is not replaced by a comparable call ..." rather than the ambiguous "When an offending player's call is withdrawn ..." That is ...
How to Handle Suspicions of Cheating in an Online Club Game
Worse if the director assigns a result because the director does not like the bidding then there is an even more serious problem.
Polish Suspensor Notes
Found it here around 15 minutes later.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: T53 T72 943 AJ82
I did an IMP comparison based on double dummy play with opener having 20-21 hcp and any 5332 shape and then a second comparison where in addition I included 5422 shapes. My simulation was 10000 hands. For 5332 I found that 3NT was 0.7459 IMPs per board better. For ...
Anti cheating committee
You don't need 2.5 hours to watch a 2.5 hour long video. Youtube has a wonderful feature where you can playback at faster speeds.
1!H-2!S/2NT inversion
I have been playing this method for somewhere between 20 and 30 years. I came at it as an application of Jeff Rubens Useful Space Principle. We use slightly modified responses to standard Jacoby in that we use the first step as just a general ask for strength. That loses ...
1!H-2!S/2NT inversion
That is certainly the disadvantage of the method. 1 (P) 2 lets them into the auction cheaply with spades.
Does full disclosure include frequency disclosure?
I have heard some argue that you should give more prominence to the more common hand types especially when the frequency is disparate.
Introduction to Symmetric Relay
My main Symmetric partnership finished in 2001 and we were scanning six card suits twice before shorter suits well before then.

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