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An advertisement for negative free bids. I want to bid 3C with this hand and I want this to be reasonably middle of the road for the bid.
Implicit private understanding?
Unless 1 shows clubs, I do not understand why 1NT would promise a stopper.
Two way finesse.
I would rather punish the offenders than the non-offenders.
When and how should directors educate players about ethics?
And the use of "must" in Law 73C.
Was this the correct ruling?
1. Is the double of 3 Bergen really clubs or is it takeout of spades. Many play the latter. The director needs to determine this before making a ruling. If north new the agreement and misbid then there is no damage from the failure to alert but the damage ...
Two way finesse.
Andy the problem with expectation is that someone else's subjective estimation of weights is not the player's actual probabilities of the various outcomes. Every time the subjective estimation of the weights is wrong and less favourable than reality for the non-offenders you punish them for being non-offenders. That ...
Two way finesse.
I agree that the award should be independent of the other table. However, I also think that an adjusted score that causes a loss for the non-offenders in the same contract that was played at the other table is wrong barring some exceptional circumstances. That is I prefer "for a ...
Drop or hook
I would not expect a WC LHO to be coffeehousing.
When and how should directors educate players about ethics?
1. It is not the director's job to educate about ethics. 2. The director's job is to apply the laws Law81B2. 3. The proper application of the laws here is a penalty against the 3 bidder unless there is some system peculiarity that makes 3 the ...
Two way finesse.
Not just the HH this is real life. There are very few decisions that at the moment you take them are precisely 50-50. Maybe my language was poor but I intended to acknowledge that. A situation that is 50-50 looking at two hands often becomes swayed one way or the ...

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